11 Fixes for Keyboard Input Lag in Games on Windows

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The Windows ecosystem is known for its rich game library through Xbox, Steam and Epic Games Launcher. However, even with a capable GPU, high refresh rate display, and perfect RGB settings, you’re set for a below-average gaming experience when your keyboard is on during active gaming. Here are the best ways to fix keyboard input lag in games on Windows.

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1. Tweak Keyboard Settings

The default keyboard settings may not match your ideal game setup. If the repeat rate is slow or the repeat delay is long, you may be facing a problem in your favorite game.

1. Press the button Windows, browse keyboards, and press Enter.

2. Use the slider to scale down repeated delays and hurry up repetition rate.

You can click the box below and hold down the button to test the repetition rate.

2. Use a Wired Connection

While Bluetooth latency has improved a lot on wireless keyboards, it’s still not up to par with wired connections. In-game keyboard lag can be caused by a fuzzy Bluetooth connection on your PC. We recommend ditching your Bluetooth connection and switching to a wired connection.

3. Cleaning the Keyboard

Dust and debris under some of the keys on your keyboard can cause input lag in games on Windows. If you use a mechanical keyboard for PC setup, we recommend cleaning it frequently for smooth operation.

4. Remove Other Devices From PC

Other connected devices on your PC can cause keyboard interference. You should remove USB drives, SSDs and other external devices and accessories from your PC and try running the game again.

5. Maintain PC Temperature

Is your PC operating at an abnormally high temperature? You may face keyboard lag in games as well as other apps on your Windows system. You have to cool it down and try again.

You can open the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) application on your PC and check the CPU temperature. We opened the Armory Crate application that was installed on the ASUS device to check the CPU temperature. You can check the screenshot below for reference.

We recommend NZXT Cam which not only displays the temperature but also allows you to adjust a number of settings.

6. Close applications that consume CPU

Any of the apps that require CPU in the background can cause problems with in-game keyboards. If you’re using a multi-monitor setup at home or work and have video streaming enabled on the other screen, it can affect your gaming experience on the main screen. You should pause that activity and force quit irrelevant apps using Task Manager.

1. Right click the Windows key and open it Task Manager.

2. Check which apps are consuming the most CPU resources. Select and click End task in the top right corner.

7. Keyboard Troubleshooting

Windows comes with a default troubleshooter tool to fix keyboard errors on PC. Here’s how to run it.

1. Press the button Windows + I to open Settings.

2. Go to menus System > Troubleshoot > More troubleshooter.

3. Run the keyboard troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.

8. Reinstall Keyboard Drivers

Corrupted keyboard drivers can cause lag during games. You must reinstall the keyboard driver from the Device Manager menu.

1. Press the Windows key, search DeviceManagerand press Enter .

2. scroll to Keyboards.

3. Right-click your keyboard and select it Uninstall device.

Restart the PC, and the system reinstalls the necessary drivers for your keyboard.

9. Disable VSync

VSync option enabled in your game of choice can cause input lag issues. This option ensures to sync your monitor with your GPU and displays every frame created by your GPU. NVIDIA and AMD offer their own VSync, like G-Sync and FreeSync, to deliver a smooth gaming experience. However, it is recommended to disable this option if you experience input lag or frame rate drops.

This option is available in your PC’s GPU settings or in certain games. The steps vary depending on your GPU.

10. Update Games

Outdated games on your PC can be the real culprit behind keyboard lag during hours of gaming. You can visit the Xbox store, Steam or Epic Games store to keep the games downloaded on your PC updated.

11. Change Keyboard Language

One Reddit member managed to fix the keyboard lag in the game by changing the language from Windows Settings. Worth a try.

1. Find the current keyboard language setting in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.

2. Click and change the input language from English US to English UK.

Play Games Like a Pro

Even the slightest keyboard input lag or lag in action games like Counter-Strike can be lethal during hours of gameplay. Before your teammates constantly blame you for losing, use the above tricks to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


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