11 K-Dramas to Watch Similar to Like 2019 K-Drama

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The plot is all about an 18-year-old student who is all about dreams and passion. So Yoon and all of his friends are into their passion and dreams of becoming something in their life. Yoon’s dream was to become a fine art student, but she became instead a content creator.

As the drama continues, she keeps growing and becoming more stable. The drama Like is all about a girl, Yoon, who is after her dreams, and becoming one of them is all she can sense. In the noisy world, she wants to become the best of the career-oriented.

Yoon, with her dreams and even all of her friends, is on a rollercoaster of becoming something before college finishes. All of the Yoon friends are into showing their talent and passion to get something worth achieving. On the journey, they face lots of mixed feelings and experiences.

Like Drama
Like Drama (Credits: Netflix)

The emotions of love, drama, regret, passion, job, and talent. Yoon falls in love with Jihu; they have been loving for a long time, and now they are in a phase where they have to find something best.

The twist is that Jihu already has a girlfriend, and she decides to love him secretly. As the story continues, she finds a gift on her desk one day, which reminds her of Jihu.

Below is a list of similar dramas; these dramas have a genre of comedy and romance, which are also liked by the audience and drama fans.

K-Dramas To Watch Similar to Like 2019 K-Drama

Seoul Serendipity

Choi Ji-woo is an energetic girl who is a young woman facing her struggle in the passion of becoming a photographer. She is finding ways to be the best photographer. Park Min-ho is an introvert and passionate about his architectural work.

He works hard for his job. Lee So-yeon is another character in the show who is a fashion designer and needs to be out of her comfort zone. The plot follows the story of Hoi Ji-woon and her life story in a single drama plot series and episodes.

Seoul Serendipity
Seoul Serendipity (Credits: Netflix)

It is a simple love story between Ji-woon and Min-hoo, a couple with different personalities who still fall in love with each other. Even Park Min-hoo is a shy guy who is career-oriented but falls for Ji-woon.

Two people from different careers matched each other; they formed a bond that made them comfortable to be around each other. 

  • Director: Kim Jiyoung
  • Producer: Park Minwoo
  • Cast: Park Jieun and Lee Sookyung
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Café Chronicles

In the Cafe Chronicles drama, Kim Min-woo is another character and the city’s best architect. He finds peace in her café and often comes there to find himself in peace and solace.

Choi Eun-ho is Lee Soo-ho’s best friend who is into making art and creating his paintings. On the other hand, Park Ji-Yoon is another character who is bubbly and often seen making everyone laugh in the café.

Café Chronicles
Café Chronicles (Credits: Netflix)

Lee Soo and her café, which she made with her handwork and passion. Soo-jin is a café owner, and his café is the solace of many Seoul people. One of her café customers falls in love with her work and even falls in love with her soul.

Kim Min-hoo and Lee Soo-jin fall in love with each other, and a romantic relationship takes place. The love and friendships of Lee keep testing her in her journey of café opening and achieving her dreams. Soo-jin and Min-hoo started having by each other side when they shared their thoughts.

  • Director: Yoon Mikyung
  • Producer: Kim Woojin
  • Cast: Lee Jongsuk, IU, Kang Haneul
  • Released Year: 2020
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Love and Lattes

Bark Bo-young, a hardworking and ambitious woman, dreams of opening a café again. Her dream of opening a café came true, which is famous for its late coffee. She has a cheerful personality, which makes her kind of cherished and well-appreciated among all the people.

Yoo Ah-in is another novelist who often came to the café to find inspiration and love. Kim JI-woon is her roommate and the only person she can trust after herself. She is confident and always seeking ways to be a perfect fit for her loved ones.

Love and Lattes
Love and Lattes (Credits: Netflix)

Lee Min-ki is her regular café customer who often comes by to capture pictures and clicks. Love and Lattes is the story of a café owner who finds passion and love in her café.

Her café is a heaven for her customers who need to sip coffee in their free time and find solace in their hectic life schedule. She falls in love with a novelist who offers her a sense of love and safety, and she falls in love with Yoo Ah-in.

All the drama’s characters have their dreams and struggles; they all find love and affection in one place only. They find solace in Love Lattes.

  • Director: Park Seojoon
  • Producer: Yoo Miran
  • Cast: Park Boyoung, Yoo Ahin, Kim Jiwon
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea

Chasing Cherry Blossoms

Park Seo-Joon is a passionate photographer who wants to travel the world and capture the beauty of each state and country. Kim So-Hyun, a writer whose passion for writing keeps her alive, is into documenting her discoveries and findings in a writing journal. Jung Hae-in is a botanist who studies all the plants and fruits.

She loves to watch flowers blossom and find solace in nature. Lee Ji-eun is a local guide who is best at observing things. Chasing Cheery Blossom drama focuses on the story of three characters simultaneously. It focuses on how these dramas take place first-hand.

Chasing Cherry Blossoms
Chasing Cherry Blossoms (Credits: WeTV)

Park Seo-Joon is a photographer who often travels and becomes a capturer of South Korea. He always takes his camera with him so that he can capture the beauty all around Korea.

He mostly captures all-season blossoms. It unfolds a story of many characters who are obsessed over the blossoms. The drama captures the love and life interlinking in daily life.

It captures how even some conversations sometimes make people’s hearts warm and full of love. The beauty of blossom and nature is captured by the camera and is written on the paper by all the characters.

  • Director: Kim Miyoung
  • Producer: Lee Junho
  • Cast: Park Seojoon, Kim Sohyun, Jung Haein
  • Released Year: 2023
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

Winter Sonata Returns

The plot starts with Joon-sang, who is a talented musician and needs a life full of music. She moved to another city to fulfill all her dreams and desires. Even as in he becomes one of the most eminent musicians in his career with time. He tries to love as a brilliant student in his subject and passion.

He believes that no one can love him and that even being loved is a blessing he will never have. He started believing that no one could truly love him. One of her classmates, Yoojin, started becoming close to her and spending more time together.

Winter Sonata Returns
Winter Sonata Returns (Credits: WeTV)

In a few months, their friendship takes a turn, and they become close friends. She started opening up to him, and falling in love was the best experience she had ever experienced before. The love story stopped when Joon one day met an accident and forgot about everything in the past.

He became the victim of amnesia, and now he even can’t remember who he is. The story of the two people continued, and even he, after ten years, forgot completely about his past life. Two simple people’s complicated love story is about a feeling of love one can experience.

  • Director: Kim Youngchul
  • Producer: Park Minwoo
  • Cast: Kim Woobin, Suzy, Yoon Kyunsang
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

Lovers in Paris

Kang Taeyoung is the popular daughter of a director living all of her father’s wishes. She wanted to study the cinema and wanted to be someday just like her father. To earn money, she keeps herself in a job as a housekeeper.

She is a housekeeper in Han Kijoo’s home, where she watches movies daily and drinks his wine. In his absence, she drinks and enjoys the whole house’s facilities. One day, he realized she was not a good houseworker and was using all of his stuff, so he decided to fire her.

Lovers in Paris
Lovers in Paris (Credits: Apple TV)

One day, he realized she could be useful and hired her again as a housekeeper for her agenda. He started fake dating her but realized he was falling in love with his maid this time. At first, he was all about acting, but they both fell in love after a while.

A simple love story between a boss and his maid. She meets Kijoo in every phase of her life and keeps falling in love with him despite their social differences. At the end of the drama, Kijoo, as a boss, stands by her side and decides to be with her.

He falls in love with her each time they meet, and it makes sense when, in the end, she asks him how he can fall in love with her, and Kijoo replies that she is her destiny; he would love to fall in love again and again.

  • Director: Shin Woochul
  • Producer: Kim Yang
  • Cast: Kim Jungeun, Park Shinyang and Lee Donggun
  • Released Year: 2004
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Apple TV

My Love from the Star

Another famous and popular K drama from South Korea is known for its blend of romance and other elements. In the Joseon Dynasty, the plot is set. Do Min-Joon, who is an alien living on another planet. He has been living on Earth for a long time; it has been 400 years since he lived on Earth.

He started living on his terms and regulations on the earth’s planet. He could never get into his home due to personal reasons. He has superhumans, like he is immortal and never aged. He has been the same for a long time, and even his superhuman abilities made him the best in all his skills.

My Love from the Star
My Love from the Star (Credits: WeTV)

Min-Joon is a distant alien who keeps himself out of any interaction with humans. As time passes, he becomes aware that he does not like being with humans and all. He believed that his attachments would be the reason for his heartache.

One day, he met Cheon Song-Yi, one of the most famous and popular actresses. In the starting, they started having many conflicts, but in these conflicts, they realized that they were the same and could spend their life together. He realized that Song-yi was another girl who, after a very long time, had touched his heart.

  • Director: Jang Taeyoo
  • Producer: Moon Bomi
  • Cast: Kim Soohyun, Jun Jihyun
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: WeTV


Another name, the Lonely and great god, also knows the show. It is a popular drama and show based on romance and fantasy. He is a super-talented girl, and even he is best at his supernatural skills, which he uses as a defense mechanism.

In the mythological background of the Goryeo dynasty, he was an immortal prince. Goblin is searching for his bride who can free him from the curse of his previous life. He met the love of his life, Kim Shin.

She is a simple and cheerful girl who falls in love with Goblin. Their bond with time gets better as they realize they are life partners.

Goblin (Credits: Netflix)

A couple in which Goblin has to find ways to get rid of his past curse, which is the reason for a blade inserted into his chest. A blade which no one can watch and only his lover can watch.

The Goblin and his lover go through the twist of love and incarnation. Eun-tak, who becomes a goblin bride and sets him free of his previous curse, is worth watching here. In the Goryeo dynasty, it is important to understand that Goblin can be free by his immortality and the curse of being alone.

  • Director: Lee Eungbok
  • Producers: Jo Moonjoo, Kim Kyutae
  • Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Goeun, Lee Dongwook, Yoo Inna
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Descendants of the Sun

Another South Korean drama in which the mixture of romance, drama, and action of the royals is worth watching. In the plot of Descendant of the Sun, Yoo Si-jin is a skilled officer and serious about his job. In his career, he met a doctor on the same campus.

He realized that he was attracted to Dr. Kang Mo-yeon, a talented surgeon whose job was to treat army patients. In the medical team, Sijin and Mo-yeon, as a couple, make a perfect couple together. In the beginning, they risk their lives, and after some time, they fall for each other.

Descendants of the Sun.,
Descendants of the Sun (Credits: Netflix)

A love story between an army man and a hopeless romantic doctor. They explored the challenges of war and army consequences, which made them a perfect couple. A small forest team of doctors in which Si-jin, as an army officer, falls for another one, Mo-yeon.

It is a perfect love story that might be, in other words, complicated. Mo-Yeon is the kind of girl who is fond of army men, and she falls for Yoo Si-jin. They start dating each other but are never sure of anything. A K drama series with a military, romance, and love theme.

  • Director: Lee Eungbok
  • Producer: Baek Sanghoon
  • Cast: Song Joongki, Song Hyekyo, Jin Goo, Kim Jiwon
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Military
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Crash Landing on You

It is a South Korean drama in which Yoon Se-ri is a wealthy woman and a successful conglomerate. She decided to go on a paragliding trip and find herself in the North Korean region. She is in a new region and another country now, but she has to hide it because it could stress her.

She meets Ri Jeong-hook, who is an officer, and he falls in love with her. He decided to save her from the other dangers. He decided that he would keep her safe and would safely return her. They were never matched in all of their aspects and criteria.

Crash Landing on You.
Crash Landing on You (Credits: Netflix)

The Crash Landing on You drama focuses on love and romance between a businesswoman and an army officer. The humor between the characters and the bonding is lovely to watch.

A human connection that made people love each other. Jeong-hook learns that Se-ri is a South Korean and is now in danger, but he never reveals her secret. He even made her comfortable and helped her in making things interesting.

The love story begins when they start getting into love and romance. It is a love story between Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, two people from different countries.

  • Director: Lee Junghyo
  • Producers: Lee Jaemoon, Choi Ara
  • Cast: Hyun Bin, Son Yejin
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix


Seo Jong-hoo is a skilled night courier who is a healer who solves people’s problems and issues. He has skills in solving people’s problems and sending them their solutions at night. He has rules, one of which is that he will never emotionally be involved with any of the clients.

Young-shin is a hardworking woman who is all about her website. She wanted to know more about the truth about her friends. She is a just person and wants to get help from the healer.

Healer (Credits: Netflix)

Kim Moon-ho is another journalist who is living with an agenda. He keeps his secrets to himself and never reveals them. He is hiding something from the whole world, an experience from the past that only keeps him in his place.

The healer is a detective who helps people by searching and giving them samples of his work. On his journey, he was approached by Young Shin.

They both worked together on a deadly case in which collecting evidence is dangerous. They fall in love while dealing with the case and collecting samples against culprits. All characters are interlinked with the case.

  • Director: Lee Jungsub
  • Producer: Kim Jungmin
  • Cast: Ji Changwook, Park Min-young
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Genre: Romance, Action, Thriller
  • Country: South Korea
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

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