15 Drama Like Love And Redemption

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The mesmerizing Chinese fantasy romantic drama “Love and Redemption” transports viewers to a realm where love goes beyond imagination.

Against a backdrop of ancient stories and heavenly conflicts, “Love and Redemption” follows Feng Qingchen and Yuan Ling as their fates intertwine. Feng Qingchen awakens from a profound sleep to discover her past and the secrets that link her to deities and mankind. Yuan Ling, a warrior prince who loves Feng Qingchen forever, meets her.

There are supernatural beings in this world where an epic love story unfolds. The fact that Feng Qingchen and Yuan Ling can persevere against impossible odds gives hope that true love can endure a lifetime.

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15 Drama Like Love And Redemption

1. Ashes of Love

The popular Chinese fantasy romance drama “Ashes of Love,” also known as “Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost,” takes viewers on a wonderful journey through gods and demons.

Ashes of Love
Ashes of Love (Credits: Netflix)

The story follows Jin Mi, a young, innocent flower god born from a mystical peach blossom. She becomes immune to love and naive due to a misunderstanding.

Jin Mi meets Fire Immortal Xu Feng and Night Immortal Run Yu. Their lives are interwoven through momentous events that test their allegiances, affections, and destinies.

Jin Mi discovers love, sacrifice, and the consequences of her decisions as she navigates the celestial and mortal worlds. 

2. Eternal Love

In First Lifetime – Heavenly Realm, Yang Mi portrays Bai Qian, a fox spirit who joins the Kunlun Mountain sect to become a High Goddess. She meets Ye Hua, the distant and mysterious Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm. They had misunderstandings at first, but they bond with time.

Eternal Love
Eternal Love (Credits: Netflix)

Bai Qian realizes her origins and prior relationship with Ye Hua as her abilities expand. Their love grows, but their adversaries’ jealousy, manipulation, and intrigues tear them apart. Tragic events destroy Bai Qian’s recollections.

Bai Qian, reincarnated as mortal lady Su Su, enjoys a quiet existence in a gorgeous town in his second life. Ye Hua impersonates the famed scholar Mo Yuan. When Ye Hua saves Su Su, fate reunites them. Bai Qian doesn’t remember her history, yet their hearts know one another.

Their mortal romance meets new hurdles as they handle human emotions and fatal threats. Misunderstandings and outside influences threaten to rip them apart again, testing their love.

In the third existence, Bai Qian becomes Feng Jiu, a playful red fox princess in the Ghost Realm. Ye Hua becomes a mysterious Black Dragon. As they manage political intrigue, power battles, and fresh Ghost Tribe threats, their tasks get increasingly complicated.

Their love survives the turbulence but is tested again as they face the evil that threatens their planet.

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3. The Flame’s Daughter

The drama features martial arts clans and political intrigue in a mythical past. The plot follows Flame Emperor’s daughter, Lie Ru Ge, who seeks revenge for her family’s tragedy.

The Flame's Daughter
The Flame’s Daughter (Credits: Viki)

Lie Ru Ge’s calm existence is disturbed by Long Ao Zhen, a formidable martial arts master, who betrays and destroys her family. She nearly escapes and grows up alone to avenge her family’s murder. She trains hard in martial arts and becomes “Zhu Que,” a beautiful and powerful fighter.

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5. Scarlet Heart 

A young lady named Go Ha Jin is dissatisfied with her life and circumstances in the present. She wakes up in Hae Soo’s body in 941 during the Goryeo Dynasty after a near-fatal accident.

Scarlet Heart 
Scarlet Heart (Credits: Amazon)

Go Ha Jin is introduced to a new world of princes, royal intrigue, and political maneuvering, as Hae Soo in the story. As the “Fourth Prince.” Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) is a complicated, misunderstood prince who befriends her.

Hae Soo’s love and political intrigue revolve around her ties with the princes, particularly her increasing affinity with Wang So. Her position in the palace draws her closer to power struggles, rivalries, and conspiracies that define the royal family’s fate.

Hae Soo encounters the harsh realities of the time and gets entangled in Goryeo Dynasty-threatening disputes as she navigates royal life.

6. Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

The fantasy drama features immortals, humans, and magical animals. The narrative follows Jin Mi, a flower spirit from a celestial fruit, and Xu Feng, the Phoenix God.

In the story, Jin Mi is a flower spirit unaware of the nuances of emotions and relationships. To protect her, her mother, the Flower Deity, isolates her. Jin Mi unintentionally drinks a prohibited love potion and falls in love with Xu Feng due to her curiosity.

Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (Credits: Viki)

Xu Feng is the Phoenix God and Heavenly Realm Crown Prince. His contacts with Jin Mi progressively lessen his aloofness. Their different personalities and situations cause misunderstandings and problems when they meet.

Jin Mi and Xu Feng encounter several challenges despite their increasing affection for one another. Jin Mi’s innocence and the love potion cause miscommunication and heartache. The meddling of immortals and deities, political intrigues, and family issues hamper their relationship.

The drama’s universe is full of mythology and mystical aspects. Immortals have special abilities, and diverse places and animals make the narrative magical. The story’s complex character interactions give complexity.

4. The King’s Woman

This narrative takes place during the Warring Nations era in ancient China when many nations were at war. The drama follows the love affair of Zhao state powerhouse Gongsun Li and Ying Zheng, who became the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

The King's Woman
The King’s Woman (Credits: Viki)

Gongsun Li, a skillful archer, is the daughter of a Zhao state commander. Her beauty, power, and dedication are famous. Gongsun Li’s power and personality attract Qin Crown Prince Ying Zheng, who falls for her.

To bring Gongsun Li to the Qin court, Ying Zheng arranged a marriage between their realms out of love and political intrigue. However, Gongsun Li married to protect her family and avenge herself.

As Gongsun Li navigates court intrigues and power battles, she gets involved in a complicated love triangle with Ying Zheng and Jing Ke, a famed assassin.

To keep her identity and integrity in a court of lying and manipulation, Gongsun Li faces struggles and loyalties. She must choose between her family, Ying Zheng, and her hometown.

The play contains actual individuals and, events, and aspects of folklore and mythology. The Warring States era and Ying Zheng’s ascent to power shaped the characters’ stories.

7. Ice Fantasy

The narrative is set on a planet with Fire and Ice tribes with magical powers. The kind and honest Ice King rules the Ice Kingdom, while the cruel Fire King rules the Flame Kingdom. The Ice Tribe brothers Ka Suo and Ying Kongshi are the protagonists.

Ice Fantasy
Ice Fantasy (Credits: Viki)

Ka Suo becomes the new Ice King after his father’s death in the drama. Although royal, Ka Suo is overshadowed by his elder brother Ying Kongshi, who has a tremendous forbidden magic that gives him strength. The brothers are close, yet their fates separate them.

Ying Kongshi’s ambition for dominance and retribution against the Fire Tribe divides him from Ka Suo. Brothers on opposite sides of a battle threatening to engulf the two kingdoms in war strain their bond.

Ka Suo finds the “Tears of the Snow Queen,” powerful jewels while attempting to unify the tribes and safeguard his country. The tears’ search draws Ka Suo into a labyrinth of relationships, betrayals, and wars.

Relationships, including love and loyalty influence the drama’s protagonists’ actions. Ka Suo’s passion for Victoria Song’s Fire Tribe princess, Li Luo, complicates their fight. During political turbulence, the characters’ loyalty and affection for each other are challenged.

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8. Lost Love in Times

Magic and supernatural forces coexist with historical kingdoms in the novel. Cecilia Liu plays Feng Qingchen, a witch who can alter time and space.

Lost Love in Times
Lost Love in Times (Credits: Viki)

Her master sends Feng Qingchen to obtain the “Heavenly Book,” a mystical item capable of changing fates. In her search, she meets Yuan Ling, the Crown Prince of Western Wei, and their fortunes intersect.

Feng Qingchen and Yuan Ling are sent to the past and future by a chain of events.

The drama tackles the complexity of love across time and space via time travel and romance. Feng Qingchen’s quest across time to find Yuan Ling and stop the Heavenly Book’s abuse brings her pleasure and grief.

The tale of Magic and Destiny relies heavily on Feng Qingchen’s sorcery powers and understanding of magic. Her ability to alter time and modify fates affects her and others.

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9. My Love from the Star

The drama introduces Do Min Joon, an alien from a faraway planet who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty. He was abandoned on Earth after a comet crash and has lived among people with extraordinary talents.

My Love from the Star
My Love from the Star (Credits: Viki)

In Unlikely Encounter, Do Min Joon meets Cheon Song Yi, a stunning actress with a charismatic attitude, causing a change in his routine. Song Yi is noted for her carelessness and self-centeredness. Do Min Joon is first annoyed by her antics, but he quickly finds that she resembles a lady he met during the Joseon Dynasty, sparking his interest and feelings.

Romantic Development: Do Min Joon is pulled to Song Yi’s sincere and open-hearted demeanor despite his initial distancing. As they spend time together, their exchanges are funny and touching. Does Min Joon’s stoicism soften as he feels feelings he’s repressed?

Challenges and Revelations: Does Min Joon’s extraterrestrial identity get harder to hide as their connection strengthens? The play examines his immortality and its effects on Song Yi. Due to Song Yi’s prominence, the two must also deal with public scrutiny.

One of the main conflicts in the drama is Do Min Joon’s imminent departure from Earth as his return to his planet approaches. As he prepares to go, he and Song Yi must face their emotions and predicament. The story culminates in the heartbreaking potential of eternal separation.

10. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

The drama features Kim Shin, a famous warrior unjustly cursed with immortality and goblinhood. He has lived for millennia, observing history and losing loved ones. He must deal with remorse and loneliness as a goblin.

In the present world, Kim Shin seeks his “bride,” who can remove the blade from his chest and end his immortality. The curse states that only his true love may draw the blade and release him from endless existence.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Credits: Viki)

In Unlikely Connection, Kim Shin meets Ji Eun Tak, a young lady with extraordinary abilities who can see ghosts. She can talk to the goblin but doesn’t comprehend his curse.

In the show, Ji Eun Tak becomes a vital source of romance for Kim Shin. She lost her parents early and developed a stronger emotional connection with Kim Shin. 

Wang Yeo is a crucial figure known as the grim reaper. Souls are guided to the afterlife by him. Wang Yeo’s strange history and contacts with Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak complicate the tale.

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11. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

The drama features Kim Dan, an angel who breaks angelic regulations and is punished with a challenging job. To earn his way back to paradise, he must assist a young lady in finding love. Lee Yeon Seo is a former dancer who became blind in a horrific accident.

Angel's Last Mission: Love
Angel’s Last Mission: Love (Credits: Viki)

Kim Dan starts his mission on Earth, while Lee Yeon Seo remains skeptical and isolated. She’s unhappy over losing her sight and emotionally detached

A fellow ballet employee, Kim Dan, tries to soften Yeon Seo’s heart and bring love back into her life. Kim Dan’s compassion and persistence melt through her walls despite her first reluctance.

Kim Dan and Yeon Seo deepen their relationship and build affection for one another through time. Kim Dan’s sincere compassion and attempts to make Yeon Seo happy change her attitude.

Despite their increasing love, they confront problems such as a mystery character from Kim Dan’s heavenly past and their different natures.  

Throughout the drama, Kim Dan struggles with his duties as an angel and his newfound feelings and wants as a human. His encounters with Yeon Seo and his problems show his situation’s complexity.

12. Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey

In the past, a monk imprisoned a strong and mischievous monkey spirit called Son Oh Gong in a magical prison. Oh, Gong escapes and causes havoc in the contemporary world.

Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey
Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey (Credits: Viki)

Oh, Gong meets Jin Sun Mi, a spirit-seeing girl. Sun Mi has a hard heart and avoids otherworldly entities due to a painful childhood occurrence.

When Sun Mi unintentionally frees Oh Gong from jail, they get involved. He protects her from supernatural entities in return for her becoming his wife in the future.

Gong and Sun Mi face many strange monsters and hardships in their tangled relationship. These issues typically include spirits and demons exploiting vulnerabilities and desires.

Oh, Gong’s self-interest turns into true love for Sun Mi as the drama progresses. Despite her initial resistance, Sun Mi softens and opens herself to love.

13. Hotel Del Luna

In the prologue, IU plays Jang Man Wol, a young lady who is harmed and wants retribution. She runs the luxurious yet frightening “Hotel Del Luna,” where only ghosts and spirits may stay.

Hotel Del Luna
Hotel Del Luna (Credits: Netflix)

Since her misdeeds have cursed Jang Man Wol with immortality, she must administer the hotel and monitor the souls that pass through. In a parallel realm unseen by humans, the hotel hosts ghosts that cannot pass on to the afterlife owing to unresolved emotions or business.

After meeting Jang Man Wol, pragmatic and ambitious young Koo Chan Sung becomes Hotel Del Luna’s manager. He is pulled into the realm of spirits and the particular difficulties of hotel management despite his doubts.

The drama offers a fresh guest spirit with a past and unsolved difficulties each week. The hotel helps ghosts address their pasts and find closure before going on.

Jang Man Wol and Koo Chan Sung become closer as the narrative proceeds. Man Wol peels apart her hard exterior as her relationship with Chan Sung evolves. Their romance evolves through mysterious happenings and hotel secrets.

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14. Mr. Sunshine

The drama opens in 1871 with Lee Byung Hun’s young kid Eugene Choi escaping Korea after a foreign force attack. He becomes a Marine officer.

Mr. Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine (Credits: Soompi)

Eugene returned to Korea as a U.S. officer in 1900. The American legation dispatched a mission to Kyungsung (now Seoul). Despite being American, Eugene is Korean and has mixed feelings about his hometown and history.

Eugene’s return to Korea causes personal tensions and confrontations. He falls connected with Go Ae Shin, a noblewoman and covert spy fighting for Korean independence. They meet and fall in love despite political and societal issues.

The drama examines Korea’s transition from the Joseon Dynasty to the Korean Empire and its relationship with Japan. 

15. The Legend of the Blue Sea

The drama begins with a Joseon Dynasty prologue in which mermaid Shim Chung sacrifices herself to rescue Kim Dam Ryung. She is cursed to wait for her love to reincarnate.

Shim Chung reincarnates as Se Hwa, a contemporary lady. She remembers her mermaid past and searches for her reborn love. She encounters charming con artist Heo Joon Jae, who defrauds affluent people along the way.

The Legend of the Blue Sea
The Legend of the Blue Sea (Credits: Netflix)

The drama alternates between past and present, depicting Shim Chung and Dam Ryung’s sad love tale in Joseon Dynasty and Se Hwa’s romance with Joon Jae in current times.

Se Hwa, now Shim Chung, and Joon Jae meet via coincidences and misunderstandings. Joon Jae first doubts Shim Chung’s mermaid tales, but he falls for her innocence and sweetness.

The play tackles the fantasy aspect of mermaids and their connections with mankind. Shim Chung’s powers and aquatic knowledge make the narrative magical.

As Shim Chung adjusts to land life and contemporary civilization, she experiences problems associated with her mermaid nature and meets others who misuse her skills.

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