15 Dramas Like The Glory

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The best thing about revenge is it fits best if it is served cold. Moon Don-eun is best suited for this phrase. The character is played by Song Hye-Kyo. This revenge Korean drama was topping the list of top shows within a few releases of the episodes.

Hye-kyo gives a powerful performance, and the main character is adamant about taking revenge on some school bullies after planning for their downfall. Later, she came back as a teacher of the student’s parents who bullied her.

She calculates her every move and shows coldly what the circumstances of bullying are. Many audiences were in complete shock after knowing that this show was based on a real incident, given that the theme of the show, bullying, is very intense and gets very serious in some scenes.

The second season has also concluded, and there is no news about a third season. The show was liked by many, and others have been looking for shows with a similar theme. In this list, we have 15 Dramas Like The Glory.

The list is in no particular order. Look for your favorite shows and just enjoy the thrill and plot each of the shows has to offer. 

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My Mister

The duo of Lee Ji An, played by IU, and Park Dong Hoon, played by Lee Sun Gyun, endures hardships as both of them work together. Park Doon is an engineer who is in his mid-40s and is working under a junior from his old college. And his wife is in an extramarital affair with his boss.

He has two brothers, and both of them are not doing anything, so they are a burden on him financially, which adds to his overall stress. Lee Ji An is taking care of her grandmother and is also facing mistreatment from a loan shark.

My Mister
My Mister (Credits: Netflix)

Lee Ji An was hired by her boss to find out the weakness of Park Dong Hoon, but both of them started a good friendship. This drama shows how one explores the emotional woes with the help of the bond of the friendship that backs them in overcoming their problems.

Both of the main characters open up about their friendship with their actions. The on-screen chemistry between the duo is so flexible that, as an audience, you are waiting for them to get together.

The Glory and My Mister are extremist when it comes to scenes where they ly show the sufferings of the characters, but their screenplay is reliable, and both shows offer the vision of escape with friendship.

Who Are You: School 2015

Eun Bi, played by Kim So Hyun, is an orphan teenager residing in the coastal city of Tongyeong. She had a twin sister, Eun Beyol, who got separated when she was a child because her twin sister went to Seoul.

Eun Bi gets bullied terribly in school, but surprisingly, she gets an opportunity to swap her life with her twin sister. From now on, her journey is about healing. She meets new friends, Going Tae Kwang, played by Yook Sungjae, and Han Yi Ahn, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, and gets bonded with the mom who adopted her sister.

Both the shows, The Glory and Who Are You, have one aftermath in store, which is healing the self from bullying. Eun Bi suffers the pain of bullying alone in Tongyeong, but all the love and care she gets in Seoul helps her mend her internal wounds.

Who Are You: School 2015
Who Are You: School 2015 (Credits: Netflix)

As the role was of twin sisters, Kim So Hyun played both sisters, and she gave both of them very distinctive personalities. The portrayal showed her skills to handle same-looking characters with ease and confidence. Just like the audience empathized with Moon Dong, they will also empathize with Eun Bi’s suffering and will take her side and connect with her.

It is another show that will make you connect with the main character and root for her in whatever she does. With each passing episode, the calmness of the show increases, from the background to the plot and supporting cast. All of them managed to uplift the scenes and deliver the core feeling that was felt by the writers of the show.

It will give strength to someone who has suffered or is still feeling the pain of the past, and it’ll also inspire you to fight and come to the top.

The Penthouse: War in Life

The residents of the lavish penthouse have only two core focuses in their minds: status and power. The two residents, Cheong Seo Jin, played by Kim So Yeon, and Shim Soo Ryeon, played by Lee Ji Ah, are born into wealthy families, unlike Oh Yoon Hee, played by Eugene, who was born into poverty but aims to become most successful with his hard work.

Oh Yoon Hee takes many job opportunities to earn cash and to give a good life to her daughter and enter that high society. As the plot progresses, we see the death of a woman in their neighborhood and how the three of them try to cover the death while suspecting each other.

The Penthouse: War in Life
The Penthouse: War in Life (Credits: Netflix)

The Penthouse is a drama that is filled with emotions, just like The Glory. The themes of crime, money, and relationships all go hand in hand in the shows while slowly building the plot and the intensity.

The characters engage in many disagreements and arguments. Oh Yoon Hee is an outsider who is trying hard to become upper-class.

The sets are extremely wonderful, and the cinematography is gorgeous. It took me some time to get used to the music as well, but it increased the intensity and tension. 

The Penthouse’s plot also shows the tensions between the characters just like mean girls. Their on-screen battle will keep you engaged throughout. The show got so popular that it even got season 2 and season 3.

Reborn Rich

The ultra-rich Jin family is looking for someone they can frame for embezzlement. Their secretary, Yoon Hyun Woo, played by Song Joong Ki, is very loyal to the job, and they are putting him on trial. But a twist happens where he betrays them and somehow dies.

But he comes back to life in Jin’s family’s Jin Do Joon, played by Song Joong Ki, the youngest son, and his mission is to take down the whole family’s company. This drama is a bit different than The Glory as it shows a character who is adamant about avenging a crime.

The justice is not in the fact that Yoon Hyun Woo lost his life, but it was so bad for him that he came back to life in such a form that he could take down the enemies swiftly.

Reborn Rich
Reborn Rich (Credits: Viki)

Soong Joon Ki is elite when it comes to playing double roles, and he handled the characters aptly, which makes the whole watch even more compelling and worthy.

As you follow a poor man who eventually becomes rich, morality is put to the test frequently. If you suddenly became wealthy, you would also have to make moral choices similar to those in the series. The emotional side will hit you a notch when you see the main character die, but when he is reborn, it makes you erupt.

The screenplay makes the whole series a bit relative, and they manage to keep the attention of the audience for the whole series. You will root for him as he slowly starts to plot his revenge. All in all, a good entertainer.


Lee Si Young plays the role of a detective, Joo Soo Ji, and he meets a tragic hardship when his daughter is murdered. The man who killed her daughter walks away freely because he is from a rich, powerful family.

She finds out who the killer is and plans to avenge the death by taking the matter into her own hands. During her process, she meets different people who have lost someone and are looking for justice on their own. They all join forces to bring justice and find peace.

Lookout (Credits: Amazon Prime Videos)

Lookout is very similar to The Glory. In both shows, we see corrupt powerful people who have failed the main character. The plot is relatively different. Moon Dong Eun is bullied and needs help to get out of bullying. Joo Soo Ji is trying to solve the murder by getting all the help she needs.

Both shows are heavy on moral message and character visualization. Lookout stands out with the storytelling, emotional backing, raw acting, and crime suspense. The series takes care of the shots and rush that an audience needs.

My Name

Yoo Ji Won is driven by the rage to find the killer of his father. She has grown up under Choi Mu-jin, a powerful crime boss, and is a killing machine. The main character is driven to see what appears to be a perilous situation through to completion with utmost tenacity.

She joins the police force to be a mole for the gang and also to find the killer of her father as she is told that the killer is a cop. She is a trained fighter, as Mu-jin has taught her everything about how to be a trained assassin.

My Name
My Name (Credits: Netflix)

She uses her killer skills to punish whoever stands in her way. Soon, she finds out the truth about her father and turns against Mu-jin. My Name is a High-stakes show that is filled with thrill and fight scenes, and you will see the main character going to lengths to seek revenge.

The scenes are all balanced with a dark edit, which gives it a character and makes the show a bit more attractive. You will love the climax scene when the main character is walking away from the havoc she caused. It is a good watch if you like high-octane shows filled with gore and blood.


Eve is the return of Seo Ye-ji into the K-dramas after the controversy with his onscreen performance in this revenge drama. She plays the character of Lee La-el, who is filled with anguish and wants to avenge the death of her scientist father.

She has set her eyes on South Korea’s LY Group, which is one of the richest families that have their hands in the murder of their father. She has been brewing her anger for more than 13 years and has planned it all on how she will execute her plan.

Eve (Credits: Viki)

She targets Kang Yoon-gyeom, the heir of the family. She marries him to bring revenge and files a lawsuit for a whopping 1.6 billion dollars with the plan to bring light to the controversy.

The heat of revenge drives her to do unimaginable things; the emotions drastically change with every episode. The wide range of plot displays and characters makes it a good all-around Ye-Ji, as La-el is one of the best. The supporting cast also takes charge of every scene they’re in.

Eve is a thrilling revenge drama where the main character is intellectual and will make it a worthy watch.

Revenge of Others

Just like The Glory, Revenge of Others also focuses on the aftermath and consequences of bullying. The plot focuses on Chan-mi, who is a high schooler and is shattered and shocked by her twin brother Soo-heon’s demise.

She is adamant about finding out the people and reason behind the death of her brother and bringing justice to him by taking revenge on the responsible people. Lomon helps her, who is a student, and helps others who are bullied.

Revenge of Others
Revenge of Others (Credits Disney+)

Lomor has a tumor and has a limited amount of time left in this world, and this makes her help people in need. He is not afraid to use his fists or get into a fight in order to help them. Everything turns upside down when she learns a mysterious secret about her brother.

Revenge is not a typical high school drama where we see a love theme. It is a proper all-out drama where we see fights and a mysterious plot, all of which try to give a much-needed thrill and suspense.

The scenes and the music add to the ongoing plot, and the use of colors is also excellent in some scenes. You will see why I am mentioning it here. All in all, it is a great show that is a thriller filled with suspense.

Lawless Lawyer

The show stars Seo Ye-ji and Lee Joong-gi. A courtroom drama thriller focuses on a gangster lawyer, Bong Sang-pil, played by Joong-Ki, and another suspended lawyer, Ha Jae-yi, played by Ye-ji, joining hands to avenge the death of their mother.

When Sang-Pil was a child, he witnessed the murder of his mother, and since then, he has been trying to solve the problem by hunting down the criminals.

Lawless Lawyer
Lawless Lawyer (Credits: Viki)

He takes Jae-yi’s help, whose mother is unknown to her but is somehow connected to the death of Dang-pil’s mother. Both of them are up against one of the most powerful South Korean judges, Cha Moon-sook, and Ahn Oh-joo, who was a gangster but now is a politician.

Lawless Lawyer is filled with suspense and drama in each episode. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with excitement to see how the story twists. Mostly, the episodes end in a cliffhanger, which keeps you in that extra rush for the next episode. Certainly, it will keep you hooked until the last episode.

Graceful Family

The drama focuses on Mo Seok-hee, who has been residing in the haunt of her mother’s demise and only wants the truth to surface. She stayed in the US for four years after the death of her mother, and later, she went back to South Korea with her brother and stepmom.

As she wanted the truth to come out, she herself began the investigation of her mother’s demise. While investigating, she found out that her mother was murdered by someone from her family.

Graceful Family
Graceful Family (Credits: Viki)

She sets a plan in motion to lure out the killer. But it is not all easy to implement. As she gets into the wormhole of vengeance, she discovers somber secrets about her birth.

The conflict between the two leading females was also expertly planned. However, the drama’s male protagonist was overshadowed, and his narrative received little attention until the very end.

The drama is a good watch, and it shows you exactly what a wealthy family that is dysfunctional functions and looks like. All the characters have numerous secrets and foul schemes to satisfy their own ego.

Sweet Revenge 1 & 2

Have you ever thought if you had an opportunity to take revenge on your enemies just by the touch of your fingers with the help of an app, will you do it? The same plot is seen in Sweet Revenge, a.k.a. Revenge Note.

Ho Goo-hee, the protagonist, is a high school student who is frequently bullied by her classmates and is often saved by Ji Hoon, a fellow classmate. One day, she gets her hands on a mysterious application called Revenge Note. This application allows her to take revenge on her bullies just by typing their names on the application.

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge (Credits: Viki)

One by one, she starts giving the names to the application, and the names that were added get punished quite harshly. In the second season of the show, we see another student, Oh Ji-na, facing the same situation, and she also gets this app.

The drama leaves you wondering who is responsible for the vengeance message and why he or she has been assisting her the entire time via this app. You keep watching to find out who is really behind this as the suspense grows.

Revenge Note is an amazing Korean drama. The plot doesn’t give any fresh vibe, but the screenplay makes up for the conventional thought behind it.

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man

Military Prosecutor Doberman is one of the most action-filled dramas on this list. It tells the story of Do Bae-man, played by Ahn Bo-hyun, who gets into the profession of prosecutor in the military for money.

His plan is to make money by using his skills and live his retirement in peace. His whole perception of life changes when he meets Cha Woo-jin, played by Jo Bo-ah, who was born into a rich family, and she becomes a prosecutor to bring out revenge.

Woo-in is a highly skilled martial artist and an intelligent personality. She plans to use Bae-man in her plan to carry out the revenge for the murder of her father.

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man
Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man (Credits: Netflix)

He was falsely accused of corrupt deeds, was arrested, and later killed in an accident that was planned. This event slowly started the downfall of the company.

The show also boasts a great nemesis in the form of the soft-spoken General Noh Hwa-young, who frightens everyone in addition to these powerful main characters. She is vicious and devious, in addition to being physically powerful.

Military Prosecutor Doberman is filled with high-paced pumping scenes that are sure to bring you a full adrenaline rush. The action scenes are properly choreographed, and they look good on screen. The main characters also handle the plot amazingly well with tandem action chemistry.

Secret Love

Secret Love is a drama that focuses on loving and selfless Kang Yoo-Jung, who takes the blame for Ahn Do-hoon, her boyfriend, in a hit-and-run incident and goes to prison.

When she goes to prison, she gets dumped by him, who is driven by greed and power. Once she gets out of prison, she sets her mind to get justice for herself by bringing the reality to light by making Do-hoon pay for his deeds.

She teams up with Jo Min-hyuk, whose girlfriend was the one who died in the hit-and-run. The plot is very interesting, and it is written in such a manner that it is filled with suspense and thrill.

Secret Love
Secret Love (Credits: Viki)

Every episode feels fresh and something new. The main character is driven by the raw feeling of revenge, which is getting darker and darker. The plot is filled with twists and turns, which is a positive for the show.

In contrast to The Glory, which was consistent from the beginning to the conclusion, this series has its moments of enjoyment. You won’t get bored, though. Because of the interest each episode’s finale will arouse in you, you’ll want to see it through to the very finish. Some situations may make you so emotional that you’ll even find yourself wiping tears from your cheeks.

Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna is a feast of comedy, horror, betrayal plot, and a sprinkle of romance here and there. The character of Jang Man-Wol, played by Soloist IU, and Ayeo Jin-Goo plays the character of Koo Chan-Sung.

The plot of the show is very interesting, and it revolves around a hotel that is at the center of all the spirits. It is a resting place before the spirits go on to the next world. The spirit of Man-who is short-tempered, greedy, and fickle, who is the caretaker of the hotel.

She is somehow tied to the hotel because of an incident that happened centuries ago. That incident of betrayal is still fresh in her mind.

Hotel del Luna
Hotel del Luna (Credits: Netflix)

On the other hand, Chang-Sung is also tied to the same hotel because of a promise made by her father. The two of them are shown to handle the odd spirits, learning about the past slowly and steadily.

With the help of the Man Wol historical tale, which is in some strange way much more intriguing than the ghosts, the emotional passages are masterfully executed, and there is enough magical stuff to keep it interesting.

Every character is so incredibly endearing that they reach Avatar levels of likeability. Even the supporting cast members, including Sanchez, Detective Park, and Mi-Ra, are fantastic and well-developed.

The revenge and betrayal arc is very engaging and exciting. The show is also funny because of the spirits that are involved in the dialogues and interactions, and all are very witty. All in all, it is a good, refreshing watch with a unique plot and a humorous supporting cast.


You’ve probably heard the saying that the best form of defense nowadays is not a weapon but rather your head. Vincenzo Cassano adheres to the same philosophy.

The role is portrayed by Song Joong Ki; he is a mob lawyer who is stopping in South Korea, his own country, to conduct some unfinished business (take massive quantities of gold, then travel back to Italy).

When he encounters some disorganized tenants who are opposing the destruction of the building they reside in, however, his intentions are derailed. He meets Hong Cha Young, a fiery lawyer played by Jeon Yeo Bin, as he joins their cause and finds himself in a sticky predicament.

Vincenzo (Credits: Netflix)

Together, they take on the massive corporation Babel while battling Taecyeon’s Jang Jun Woo, a formidable adversary. Vincenzo has his own ways of enforcing the law, but he is content with the idea that only evil can triumph over evil.

Hong Cha Young demonstrates his obvious dedication to the inhabitants of the plaza, demonstrating his willingness to do whatever it takes to satiate his hunger and desires.

The show is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride; it is violent, suspenseful, thrilling, and has many cliffhangers. It contains wit and humor that captivate the audience. The pair’s enthusiasm keeps the series lively and new.

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