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Starfruit glass is usually used to measure ingredients properly. For example, 1 liter takes 4 glasses of star fruit. Then, how many glasses of starfruit is needed for 2 liters? Find the full answer.

Liters are the basis for measuring liquids. To measure liters, starfruit glasses are generally used as a benchmark. There are various types of starfruit glasses, ranging from small to large. If 1 liter of water is equivalent to 4 cups, then how many glasses of starfruit are needed for 2 liters? Check out the explanation in this article.

To understand how many glasses there are in 2 liters, you need to apply the recommendations for drinking water according to the doctor’s recommendations so that the body’s fluid intake is maintained. Doctors recommend that you drink 2 liters of water or eight glasses of 250 cc. However, many people find it difficult to apply drinking 8 glasses every day. Therefore, you can implement a water drinking schedule.

This schedule can make it easier for you not to miss the schedule for drinking water according to the doctor’s recommendations. In addition, this method helps you to divide the time of drinking water so that its use and absorption in the body becomes more optimal.

The schedule for drinking water can change according to your needs, as long as you follow the doctor’s recommendations, namely not drinking too much or too little. Experts even assess 2 liters or 8 glasses of water every day is the normal rule to keep the body healthy. Here’s an example of a water drinking schedule based on your activity and time:

  • Up early.
  • Breakfast.
  • Preparation for activity.
  • Entering noon.
  • Have lunch.
  • Entering the afternoon.
  • Dinner.
  • Preparation for sleep.

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Starfruit glass has a shape similar to starfruit at the bottom. This glass is inseparable in the life of Indonesian people, because it can be found in various places and is often used by various groups.

Not only that, starfruit glass is usually used to measure ingredients for cake-making or food processing. It is necessary to measure the correct starfruit glass in order to determine the ingredients precisely. Measurements with starfruit glasses are generally accurate and effective for reducing various cooking risks, such as undercooked food or excessive use of ingredients.

Starfruit glass has a size of 200 ml. Then, 1 glass of starfruit is how many liters, here’s the answer:

  • 1 glass = 200 ml
  • 1 cup = 0.2 liter
  • 1 glass = 1/5 liter

If you want to measure the opposite, namely 1 liter how many cups, then the result is 1 liter equals 5 cups.

However, how many glasses are needed for 2 liters of water, then the answer is:

2 liters / 0.2 cups = 10 cups

If you are based on a glass of star fruit, then 2 liters is the same as 10 glasses.

That is an explanation of how to measure or calculate how many glasses there are in 2 liters. This knowledge is important for those of you who have a profession related to cooking, so that you can prevent various mistakes in cooking, for example not following the ingredients in a recipe, cakes that are not cooked perfectly, and using too many or too few ingredients.

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