3 Ways to Check ASRock BIOS Version

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BIOS/UEFI refers to the firmware embedded in the memory chip on the motherboard. It serves as a software interface between the OS and the hardware, and like most software, it can be updated.

Usually, you don’t need to worry about the BIOS version. But there are certain scenarios (hardware compatibility issues, booting issues, etc.) where a BIOS update may be required.

In such cases, you can check your current BIOS version and compare it with the one released by your system manufacturer. If one of the available ones seems useful, you might consider updating.

Enter BIOS Setup to Check BIOS Version

If you’re in a situation where you need to find your BIOS version, chances are, you’re unable to boot into Windows at this time. That’s not a problem because you can check the BIOS version directly from your firmware interface.

Press repeatedly the BIOS Setup button (F2 or Del for ASRock) that is displayed on the screen during boot.

On UEFI systems, you can also hold down Shift and restart, or force restart 3 consecutive times to enter the recovery environment. There, you can choose Solution to problem > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings to enter BIOS Setup.

After entering BIOS Setup, you will land on the main page where the BIOS version will be listed.

Check BIOS Version from System Information

The System Information Tool in Windows displays detailed info about your system components including the motherboard and BIOS. If your system is online, it will be the fastest way to find the BIOS version.

Press Win + R, type msinfo32, and press Enter. On the System Summary tab, check items BIOS Version/Date. In my case, BIOS version P1.50 released by ASRock in 2017. You may also want to note the baseboard product if looking to find a new BIOS version online.

You can also view all of this info from the command line if you wish. Press Win + X and choose Terminal. Enter the systeminfo command there.

Check the Sticker on the BIOS Chip

The original BIOS version is also physically marked on the BIOS chip embedded in your motherboard. If you haven’t updated your BIOS since purchasing the board, then this could be another way to find the BIOS version.

The BIOS chip on the ASRock Z370 Motherboard

Check for a chip labeled PX.XX on the motherboard (eg, P1.50). If you can’t find it, you can check the motherboard manual for the exact location.

Comparing BIOS Versions Online

If you are thinking about updating ASRock BIOS, you should compare your current BIOS version with all the versions available online.

To do so, visit ASRock Support page and look for your motherboard model. You can refer to the section System Info at the start if you don’t know the model name.

Once you’ve found your mobo model, open it Support > BIOS.

You will find all available BIOS versions, their descriptions/changelogs, recommended installation methods, and detailed instructions there.


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