3 ways to get rid of cavities so that they don’t recur Read Now

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The quickest way to treat a toothache for permanent relief is to remove it, but this cannot be done right away for several reasons. If your sore teeth are incisors or canines, maybe rotten with holes, maybe you can remove them after they don’t hurt, but if the molars hurt, you have to go step by step because the roots of the molars are very strong and if you force them, they will have an effect on the nerves of the head, eyes.

How to get rid of toothache so that it doesn’t recur

1. Filling teeth

Cavities and pain should not be filled right away because the bacteria are high so it hurts. You will be given a doctor’s advice to relieve pain with antibiotics and paracetamol for a certain time. Only if the pain is completely gone, you are asked to check your teeth again to drill holes.

The process of a dental drill is to clean all the dirt that has slipped in between the deepest teeth, so it’s no wonder if the tooth hole looks small after being drilled it will become a little big. When this doesn’t hurt, proceed to the temporary patch step for 4 days. You should not eat with your teeth in this position, always brush your teeth well.

Only if the first patch is over and there are no other complaints, the doctor will make a permanent patch so that germs don’t enter again. You can choose the best filling, even though it’s a little expensive, because with patch number 1 it will help your teeth not hurt anymore.

2. Installing the dental crown

is a how to get rid of cavities so that they don’t recur with a sheath or crown over the coiled tooth that hurts. With a dental crown, the damaged part of the tooth will be permanently fitted with dentures that resemble natural teeth. The damaged tooth must be cleaned before the crown is placed. The size of the crown is also determined from the damaged tooth so that when applying the crown it is very precise and positioned so that bacteria cannot enter between the gums.

This method is quite effective in preventing the tooth from recurring, it’s just that after installing the crown the teeth will feel lumpy for some time.

3. Root canal treatment

Is how to get rid of cavities so that they don’t recur in the tooth cavity by looking at the ultrasound or photos of the teeth inside. The root of the diseased tooth will look different, then a small operation is performed to remove or treat the damaged root. If the root dies, of course the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore, but if you still feel pain, it’s a sign that the root is inflamed.

Teeth that are already sick have the potential to recur if you neglect caring for them, consult a dentist about dental care problems after the 3 ways above. At least 6 months, you check your tartar regularly so that the tartar can be cleaned because it is the main cause of tooth enamel cavities.