4 Ways to Know the Difference between Menstrual and Pregnant Leucorrhoea, Women Must Know! Read Now

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The difference between vaginal discharge during menstruation and pregnancy, knowing this information is very important so that you are not confused and can prepare yourself. To add to your insight into the differences between the two, make sure to keep listening to the reviews that we have managed to summarize below!

4 differences in vaginal discharge before menstruation and pregnancy

You need to know, every woman will experience vaginal discharge during young pregnancy. This is a normal condition and can be caused by several things. The reason is, during pregnancy the condition of the cervix and vaginal walls will be softer and vaginal discharge can increase to provide more protection for the vagina to avoid infection.

Medically, vaginal discharge before pregnancy occurs due to an increase in hormones and blood flow to the vaginal area. In order to better understand, here are 4 ways to find out the difference between menstruation and pregnancy vaginal discharge, including:

1. In terms of volume

When viewed in terms of volume, vaginal discharge during the first pregnancy is more when compared to vaginal discharge before menstruation. Not without reason, this condition is very useful for preventing bacteria and viruses from entering the uterus and causing disturbances to the fetus.

Indeed vaginal discharge during pregnancy is quite normal, pregnant women will still have to be aware of this. If the volume is increasing, immediately consult an obstetrician. Apart from vaginal discharge in large volumes, pregnant women should also consult if vaginal bleeding occurs.

2. When vaginal discharge appears

The difference between vaginal discharge during menstruation and subsequent pregnancy can be seen from the time when vaginal discharge appears. If you want to make sure whether this vaginal discharge is a sign of pregnancy, try to see the time. Usually vaginal discharge during pregnancy appears 1 to 2 weeks after conception.

In addition, the volume of vaginal discharge during pregnancy will also increase as the gestational age increases. In contrast to vaginal discharge before menstruation which occurs briefly.

3. In terms of whitish texture

In terms of texture, menstrual and pregnant vaginal discharge are quite different. Usually, at the beginning of pregnancy, vaginal discharge is thicker than the texture before menstruation. For this reason, if you find vaginal discharge with a thicker texture and appears 1 to 2 weeks after conception, try to check it immediately using a test pack.

Maybe, the grace that you and your partner have been waiting for has arrived.

4. In terms of color

In contrast to vaginal discharge during the first pregnancy, vaginal discharge before menstruation is usually slightly yellowish in color. Meanwhile, during pregnancy vaginal discharge tends to be whiter. It will be different if the vaginal discharge that appears is slightly greenish in color and gives off an unpleasant odor. If you face this condition, immediately consult a doctor.

Tips for dealing with vaginal discharge

If you feel uncomfortable with vaginal discharge, there are several things you can do as a preventive measure, namely:

  • Try compresses using cold water to reduce itching and swelling
  • Consume yogurt
  • Using antifungal creams or gels if caused by a fungal infection
  • Immediately consult a doctor if it does not stop

That’s a little review about the differences in vaginal discharge during menstruation and pregnancy, hopefully this is useful for those of you who need it!