4 Ways to Overcome a Child’s Fever at Night That Won’t Decrease Read Now

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How to deal with a child’s fever at night that doesn’t go away, do you also want to know how? When in this condition, make sure to try to stay calm and not panic. Immediately provide help with the following easy steps, let’s see together what are the ways!

1. Make sure the child drinks water before going to bed

Make it a habit to give water before your baby goes to sleep, especially when they have a fever. Not without reason, the fact is that fever is prone to make children lose body fluids and cause dehydration and an increase in body temperature.

For this reason, filling your body with fluids will help prevent dehydration in your beloved baby. If your little one doesn’t want to drink water, you can replace it with a glass of warm milk. Although milk cannot relieve fever, the tryptophan content can create a sense of calm.

Of course this is very useful for making children sleep better. In addition, milk is also very beneficial thanks to the important nutritional content in it. Just make sure you choose children’s milk that already contains a combination of iron and vitamin C.

2. Wear thin clothes on children to absorb sweat

Wearing thin clothes is also one way to deal with a child’s fever at night that you can do. Unfortunately, so far many people think that if a child has a fever, it is better to wear thick clothes so they don’t get cold. In fact, this assumption is not correct.

Using thick clothes will actually make the child’s body temperature rise because the thick material will trap the child’s heat so that it cannot escape from the body. In fact sweat that comes out is the body’s natural way of stabilizing temperature.

For that, you can use clothes made of thin material that can absorb sweat when your little one starts showing symptoms of fever.

3. Using a warm compress

One of the first aids you can do is use a warm compress to ensure that the fever doesn’t increase and ensure that the child can sleep well. Not cold compresses, to trigger the brain to lower body temperature you have to give your little one a warm sensation.

Try taking lukewarm water, soak a clean washcloth in a container of water and wring it out to make it feel damp. After that, immediately compress the body folds such as the armpits and neck of your baby. You can do this repeatedly if the washcloth starts to cool.

4. Give febrifuge

The final step, of course, is to give a fever-reducing drug some time before the child goes to bed. Make sure you give the drug according to its age. Never reduce or exceed the dosage of the drug from the instructions for use.

If you are hesitant enough to take action, ask your doctor or pharmacist immediately when buying medicine and before giving it to your beloved baby.

Those are some ways to deal with a child having a fever at night that you can try, I hope the above reviews are useful!