42 Days Of Darkness Ending Explained: Will Pizarro Come Back For Revenge?

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What Happened at the end of 42 Days Of Darkness? In the end, Mario Medina reached out to the cops after spotting his wife’s body in his attic. It was never a kidnapping. Veronica was either killed or committed suicide. According to the forensics report, no third parties were involved.

Cecilia and Pizarro both couldn’t believe it. Braulio, Pizarro, and Nora double-checked Medina’s timelines and discovered many mistakes. The question was whether he discovered Veronica’s body in the attic by chance or on purpose, knowing that if the police officials undertook a canine search, they would learn about it.

Veronica’s body was unearthed and sent to labs 20 months after her burial, but no convincing proof was uncovered. Though the report rejected the official thesis results, it was insufficient to convict Mario Medina, who brought a lawsuit to end the investigation.

42 Days Of Darkness Ending Explained

People carried on with their daily lives, but Pizarro remained trapped. He believed that the truth would be revealed at some point, and justice might be served. Pizarro had suffered a great deal in the process.

He didn’t have the chance to spend time with his son Joaco, which caused him a lot of dislike. He had the impression that his dad was never around to help him and that his needs were not his priority.

With almost little money left over and a chaotic environment, Pizarro could not take on any further legal problems. He shared a room with Braulio and was going through a hard time. His friends had repeatedly encouraged him to stop looking into the case since it was a dead end that would not bring him anywhere.

Emi and Kari had also been through a lot. They couldn’t decide which affected them more: their mom’s death or the suspicions that others had created about their dad’s involvement.

Getting Some Lead

In the 42 Days of Darkness Episode 5, a lady approached Pizarro when he was shopping at the market. She said to him he had once supported her and that she knew something very important regarding Veronica’s situation.

She claimed that when the attacker’s sketch was presented on television, her pal Tomatito noted that he resembled her psychopathic previous partner.

Pizarro called the cops, who proceeded to the lady’s address. In his residence, they discovered a man called Jaimi Nunez Jara and the lost camera that belonged to Veronica & Mario. The man admitted to murdering Veronica and told police Mario gave him money to do it. The killers, Mario Medina and Jaimi, were then apprehended.

Pizarro believed he had discovered the missing link of the puzzle, but the happiness was short. He was unable to establish a relationship between the murderer and Mario Medina. It implied that the murderer could not be proven in the eyes of the law to have acted of his own volition.

Pizarro requested a recreation of the crime scenario in the hopes that some important detail would emerge, proving Medina’s guilt.

42 Days Of Darkness Ending Explained
Nora Figueroa (Credits: Netflix)

But that wasn’t the case. Jaimi Nunez, the alleged murderer, refused to give testimony before the members of the jury. All he explained in front of the cops had no evidentiary significance. Mario got away with it because it could not be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he was engaged in his wife’s murder.

Moving On With Life

Pizarro had to continue with his life, regardless of what he believed in. He needed to make amends with his son, Joaco. Kari and Emi had learned to overcome difficulties, and Cecilia understood that regardless of how much she analyzed that awful day and the way she could have prevented it from taking place, she couldn’t do anything about it.

They all have to realize that it might not be the complete truth. Mario could have murdered his wife, or he could not. It was not the mysterious end they had hoped for, yet “42 Days of Darkness” emphasizes one important point: You can’t understand everything and must finally let go.

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