5 Ways to Fix NVIDIA Shield Remote Not Working

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If your NVIDIA Shield remote isn’t working, the battery may be dead. This often happens because the remote cannot communicate with the Shield TV with a dead battery. At other times, the remote may also stop working if removed from the TV.

Whatever the cause, you can quickly fix NVIDIA Shield Remote unless hardware damage is involved. So, let’s get started!

Check Battery Health

First, start by checking the battery health of the remote. You can easily do this by observing the LED indicator on the top of the remote.

Press and hold the Select button (the button in the center of the directional pad) for about 3 seconds and see if the indicator starts flashing. Otherwise, your battery may die.

Credit: NVIDIA

Similarly, you can also perform an IR camera test on NVIDIA Shield remotes after the 2017 model.

Simply launch the Camera app on your phone and point the top of the remote at your camera. Try pressing any button on the remote. You will see a purple light flashing on your phone screen if the battery is working.

If you don’t see it, the battery might be dead. Consider changing the battery.

Note that you must use the rear camera on Android phone and the front camera on iPhone to perform the IR camera test.

Soft Reset Remote

Your NVIDIA Shield Remote requires a constant voltage supply to operate properly. However, once the battery runs low, the remote encounters power fluctuations in its circuitry and fails to generate the correct signal to control the NVIDIA Shield.

You can try resetting the remote to fix the glitches. This will also help if the remote fails to respond after changing the batteries.

Remove the battery from the remote. Press all the buttons on your remote one by one. Reinsert the batteries and try using the remote again.

Hard Reset Remote

If the remote doesn’t work after changing the batteries or doing a soft reset, you’ll need to do a hard reset.

Turn on your NVIDIA Shield. Open your remote’s battery compartment cover. Remove one of the batteries from its compartment. Now press and hold Home button And Select button. While doing so, reinsert the battery you removed earlier. Don’t release the button just yet. keep pressed. The remote will beep if you did the steps correctly. If you don’t hear the sound, repeat the steps. After you hear the beep, release the button. Now unplug NVIDIA Shield from power source and plug it back in after a while. Press and hold Select button again for a few seconds. Try using other buttons on the remote. The remote will now reset and start working.

Reprogram Remote

If the remote still doesn’t work, you’ll need to reprogram it with the NVIDIA Shield receiver. Assuming your remote isn’t working, you’ll need an Android phone to apply this fix.

In fact, many users reported that their remote started working normally after using the Android remote app to control the NVIDIA Shield. I also recommend the same.

First, take your Android phone and install the app NVIDIA Shield TV into it. Open the app and launch the virtual remote control. Use the remote on your phone to unlock Arrangement tv. Go to settings Remotes & accessories. Tap SHIELD accessories. Choose your remote in the section Paired accessories. Tap Forget accessories. Now press select button on your remote several times and keep it pressed for a while. If that doesn’t pair the remote with the NVIDIA Shield, tap the option Attach accessories and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the remote. Also, be sure battery health Good. Since outdated firmware also sometimes contributes to this problem, so can you Updating the remote firmware from there, if available.

Clear Bluetooth Cache

The remote NVIDIA Shield uses a Bluetooth connection to connect to the NVIDIA Shield receiver. Over time, Bluetooth cache data can build up, causing connection issues between the NVIDIA Shield and the remote.

You can clear the Bluetooth cache and reprogram the remote to see if that fixes the problem.

Use the NVIDIA Shield remote on your Android phone and open it Arrangement. get down to Apps and choose. Tap View all applications. Go down and select Show system apps. Choose bluetooth. Tap Forced stop. Besides that, Clear data And Clear cache. Restart NVIDIA Shield and reprogram remote.

Notes: While you can use your Android phone to control the NVIDIA Shield, it may not always be convenient. So, I suggest you get a replacement remote if one doesn’t work. If you’re still under warranty, you’ll get a replacement remote free of charge.


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