6 Prohibited Foods for Pregnant Women, Can Trigger Problems! Read Now

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Do you know? There are some foods that are prohibited for pregnant women, which if consumed can trigger big problems, you know! To add to your insight, here we have successfully summarized several types of food that pregnant women should avoid for the health of the fetus.

1. Seafood is high in mercury

Although delicious, some seafood such as swordfish, shark, mackerel, clams and tuna are some types of food that are not good for pregnant women because they contain very high mercury.

When consumed in excess, mercury can cause pregnant women to experience damage to the nerves, kidneys and interfere with the immune system. Worse, mercury can also cause defects and growth disorders in the fetus. For this reason, it is better for pregnant women to avoid this one food.

2. Unpasteurized milk and cheese

For those of you who don’t know, pasteurization is a heating process that is useful for killing bacteria in drinks and food without destroying the nutritional content in them. For this reason, pregnant women should not consume milk or cheese that has not gone through this process.

This is useful for avoiding dairy products that contain bacteria and helps maintain the health of the fetus you have been waiting for so far.

3. Raw or undercooked meat

Apart from seafood, pregnant women should also be wary of raw meat. Especially meat that is not cooked to perfection. Foods that are prohibited for pregnant women can contain harmful germs if eaten undercooked.

When it enters the body of a pregnant woman, all these bad germs and bacteria can cause diseases such as listeria which are very risky for the fetus and the mother herself.

4. Raw or undercooked fish

If you are a fan of sushi, it’s a good idea to start avoiding this one food when you are pregnant. In fact, consuming fish or shellfish raw and not cooked thoroughly will increase the risk of infection in pregnant women.

But you can still consume it provided that all the ingredients are cooked until perfectly cooked.

5. Raw eggs

Maybe many don’t know, the fact is that raw eggs and all kinds of food made from them are very at risk of being contaminated with salmonella bacteria. One of the most popular types of processed food from raw eggs is mayonnaise.

Well, salmonella bacteria have been proven to cause diarrheal infections, fever, stomach cramps and vomiting in pregnant women. Even worse, the abdominal cramps caused by this infection can even result in premature birth. For that, make sure you stay alert during pregnancy.

6. Unwashed vegetables and fruits

Do not ignore the recommendation to wash vegetables and fruit before consumption. This is because germs and parasites that stick to vegetables or fruit can cause infection. The type of parasite that is very dangerous for pregnant women is toxoplasma, which can cause brain disorders in the fetus up to blindness.

Those are some types of food that are prohibited for pregnant women, make sure you are always careful in choosing food to maintain the health of the fetus and yourself.