7 Ways to Eliminate Itching on the Skin that Won’t Heal Read Now

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The itchy feeling that often appears on the skin is annoying. Whatever the activity that is being carried out will be distracted due to itching on the skin. You have to scratch here and there and often cause wounds that leave marks on your skin that are hard to lose.

There are many causes of itching and steps need to be taken to relieve the symptoms so they don’t bother you anymore. Here are some ways to get rid of itching on the skin that never heals.

Tap the itchy area

Instead of scratching it and causing an injury, you can pat or stroke the itchy part of the skin. That way, you can reduce the itchiness. Try not to scratch it especially hard so that scars appear.

Compress with Cold Water or Warm Water

You can adjust it according to the type of itching, so you can try compressing it with cold water or try it with warm water.

Keep clean

Always keep the skin clean. Dirty or contaminated skin is very prone to irritation or allergies and invites insects and various types of germs that cause itching. Bathe regularly and frequently wash parts of the body that get dirty easily, then cover them with clean clothes.

Find Out the Cause

Then immediately find out the cause, which can be due to insect bites such as mosquitoes or mites that are on a dirty mattress or sofa or due to being bitten by ants, or it can be due to an allergy to something, or it could be due to dry skin conditions so irritation easily occurs.

The cause can be from outside or from inside the body, which is like a result of the symptoms of diabetes for example. Then avoid the cause of the itching. If it is caused by mosquitoes or other insect bites, stay away immediately and use mosquito repellent lotion to deal with it.

If itching arises from within, such as due to diabetes, then take medication immediately, even if necessary, consult a doctor about the correct dosage of the drug so that the symptoms of itching on the skin of the feet usually disappear.

Apply an Antibiotic Itching Ointment

You can immediately clean the itchy area and then apply an itchy antibiotic ointment. This itching reliever ointment can be purchased over the counter, at pharmacies or at cosmetic stores. Some contain aloe vera gel which can cause a chilly feeling.

If you want an ointment that contains antibiotics, you can ask for a concoction ointment from the doctor or there are also ready-made antibiotic ointments. Apply a thin layer on the itchy part of the skin to relieve the itchiness.

Apply Lotion on Dry Skin

Dry skin is easy to feel itchy. So apply lotion on the skin to keep it moisturised.

Just Drink Water

Dehydrated skin is prone to irritation and itching. Therefore it is also very important from within to always maintain water intake.

Those are some ways that can be taken to get rid of itching on the skin that often appears.

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