8 Lumps and Characteristics of Lumps on the Neck That Are Not Dangerous Read Now

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Always identify our body parts, so from the start we can know if there is a disease. So that action can be taken immediately as the right solution. Some signs of the body such as a lump. But not always every lump is cancer. There are also bumps that are not dangerous. The following are the characteristics of a harmless lump in the neck.


Acne is often experienced by teenagers. Mainly on the face to the neck, but some appear on the back and several other body parts, such as the arms. These acne lumps are harmless. Its contents are in the form of fat which is clogged due to dirty skin and clogged pores. At first it is liquid and can be mixed with pus as a form of the body’s resistance to disease germs, then it will solidify or is often called mature. But not dangerous.

Following are the characteristics of this harmless lump, the lump feels soft and can be moved, that is, it can shift and change when touched, is not stiff, and hardens. Then the surface is flat, and does not grow and its position is in the fat layer of the skin, which is at the bottom of the skin surface, which is enlarged, then it has been there since birth and feels painful when the body is active, but can decrease in size when the body is resting. Also without symptoms, such as fever or weight loss and so on.


The next lump that is also harmless is a boil, which is filled with pus due to inflammation. The pus is a form of the body’s resistance when there are germs that attack the body which causes inflammation. This lump, although it causes pain, is not dangerous.

Lymph Swelling

Lymph nodes help the immune system to get rid of bacteria and viruses as well as dead cells. When fighting an infection, the lymph nodes sometimes swell.

Lump due to Muscle Injury

A lump resulting from an injury is just an ordinary muscle bruise that occurs as a result of a ruptured blood vessel. Usually this lump due to bruising can improve and shrink by itself.

Branchial Cleft Cyst

A lump that develops on one or both sides of the neck or on the underside of the collarbone is a birth defect, which occurs during embryonic development when the tissues in the neck and collarbone or cleft cannot develop normally. In most cases, these cysts are harmless, will only cause skin irritation or infection.

Baker’s cyst

This fluid-filled lump forms on the back of the knee. This lump is not dangerous.

Ganglion cyst

These lumps are round in shape and filled with a jelly-like fluid that can form in tendons or muscle tendons and in joints. This lump is also not dangerous.


Mumps or often called mumps is an infectious disease caused by a contagious virus.

The virus causes swelling accompanied by pain in the salivary glands. Although it is contagious, it is not a dangerous lump. This goiter lump appears on the right side or the neck.

If the lump occurs due to infection, you can go to the doctor to be given antibiotics or antivirals. Then if the lump occurs due to thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism, then you can go to the doctor to get artificial thyroid hormone therapy. Then get plenty of rest and drink enough water.

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