Alvida From One Piece: Before And After Transformation

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Alvida is a fictional character from the long-running One Piece manga and anime series which also has a successful live-action adaptation now. Illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, Alvida is an antagonist in the series at the very start of the series and, infact, is the first-ever female pirate and even the first-ever episodic antagonist of the series.

Alvida was known as “Iron Mace Alvida” because of her appearance, and she was a strong and independent woman enough to gather a pirate crew of her own and even become a captain of the crew. She was a fearsome woman, and her appearance was very episodic; thus, it did not even make a huge impression in the manga or the anime.

However, what happened during her first encounter with Luffy surely made a huge change in the character, and thus, fans are curious about this change and how it occurred. The other known reason that the fans are looking forward to the character’s change is due to the fact that One Piece Live Action portrayed this amazing character with an amazing episodic event.

Much like the manga/anime, the character was only for a moment, but with the hint and teasers for what is to come next, this character has many new fans and the former fans wondering what is to become of her for the former and for the latter they would like to reminisce about the character’s journey.

We are going to dive into Alvida’s journey in the series in this post and will inform you of the journey she is going to have after defeat by Luffy. Therefore, this post is going to contain major spoilers for the characters, and readers are cautioned to read further at their own discretion. With that being said, here we bring you the latest and updated context on the amazing One Piece series.

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Alvida’s First Appearance

Alvida appeared in the very first episode of the anime and live-action series while she made her appearance in the second chapter of the manga. As mentioned earlier, she was introduced as the captain of the Alvida Pirates and was known as a fearsome pirate in the East Blue. However, the series had introduced her as one of the earliest antagonists, and thus efforts were only small.

Alvida From One piece Before - Comparison
Aliva Vs Luffy (CC: Toei Animation)

Even though she was a fearsome and strong pirate to wield an Iron Mace, Luffy was easily able to defeat, getting only a single attack on her face. She was never to be seen again, and one would not have hoped to see her return given that she was a very minor antagonist, but Oda sensei never forgets his characters.

Alvida After Her Defeat

After her defeat by Luffy, Alvida made her surprise appearance in front of Buggy (who was also defeated by Luffy at the very early of the series). However, during this time, she had eaten a devil fruit, and her appearance in the manga and anime had significantly changed. 

Besides getting the ability from eating the Slip Slip Fruit, Alvida has also become very slender, and one could strike her as a very beautiful woman in the series. With her new appearance and devil fruit, Alvida joins forces with Buggy to get revenge on Luffy, and therefore, they interrupt the Straw hats’ venture into Louge Town.

Alvida’s new appearance had made her completely a new character from her first look, and now every man and woman was falling for her. Her personality had also slightly changed. Their attempt to get revenge on Luffy by having him executed was a failure, but she continues to be with Buggy with her alliance still intact.

Alvida From One piece After! - Comparison
Aliva and Buggy (CC: Toei Animation)

After this encounter, no major role has been to the character, and we aren’t hoping to see it happen anytime soon as well, but the One Piece Live Action may have something for this character, considering there are major changes in the series.

Season 2 of One Piece Live Action is a high possibility, and we are hoping to see Alivda making her return with Buggy in the Louge Town if it isn’t cut, but considering there was a teaser for it, we have high hopes. However, in the manga, the character may be seen in a panel or two with Buggy and the Cross Guild organization, but Alivada may not have a major role.

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