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Best VLC Skin

The default VLC skin is simple but tough on the eyes because it’s so white. You may experience blurring and eye strain if you watch programs in windowed mode for longer periods. Fortunately, VLC allows users to customize its layout, colors and design without affecting its functionality. Thus, you can find a skin that suits your preferences.

But with so many choices on the Internet, you can unknowingly choose a mediocre skin. And that’s where this article comes in. It includes the best VLC skins that you should consider.

Best VLC Skins

VLC skins come in many forms. But they all do the same thing—enhance the look of the media player. And with a variety of options, you can find one with features that meet your specific needs. For example, you can choose a VLC skin that:

Matches your desktop theme for an attractive interface. Has a simple user interface for easy navigation. Represents your identity. Creates contrast for visual refinement.

You can find VLC skins in VLC Media Player official website. Also, there are third-party websites that offer free VLC skins. The sections below cover ten of the best VLC skins.

1. Darklounge

Do you want to watch shows without straining your eyes? So Darklounge skin is the ideal choice of choice. It features a dark theme with a minimalistic design. It’s especially great for watching movies at night as it blends in seamlessly into dark environments. Unlike the default VLC skin, the controls feature appear at the top of the screen.

At the top left of the VLC skin, there is a menu with customization features. You can change the layout, color and transparency. Also, if you want your music or videos to play without interruption, you can create playlists.

2.Zune 1.0

Zune 1.0 is an upgrade to the Zune skin that has been around since 2010. It lets users who liked the older version relive the experience. The subdued theme combines dark tones with pale pinks, which illuminate a subtle light. This provides a suitable setting for watching movies without straining your eyes.

The Zune 1.0 user interface is very minimal. It even goes beyond the default VLC media player skin. The screen only shows play, pause, rewind, and fast forward at the bottom.

You can fiddle with the colors and fonts from the settings gear. Developers hope to roll out a white theme to provide users with multiple choices.

3. FusionX2 skin

FusionX2 is all about elegance. It focuses on black and silver tones and gives it a sleek, futuristic and minimalist look.

As a result, the FusionX2’s screen is less cluttered. Only the basic controls appear on the screen, but you can easily access the playlist options from there.

Although FusionX2 has a version A And B, they have the same cosmetics. The only difference is in the control position.

4. Blackpearl

Blackpearl is a VLC skin that dates back to 2009 but remains one of the best customization options for playing music. It has a rating of 4.51, which is a good sign that users are having a good experience with it.

Blackpearl features a simplified black and gray theme. The controls scream minimalist as they don’t even let you display videos in windowed mode. This makes it only suitable for playing music, and since you can’t see the title of the song, things are going to be a surprise.

5. Alienware Darkstar

Is your heart pounding for sci-fi? If you answered yes, you will find out Alienware Darkstar interesting. It features a dark red and black theme, adding intensity and edginess to your VCL Media Player. The sci-fi vibe comes from the main menu which looks like a futuristic shuriken with the Alienware logo on it.

Its great design doesn’t overshadow its features. The main menu contains lots of buttons for easy access to video, audio, playlists and even the equalizer. You can also “close the shutter” to lock the settings so you don’t click wrongly in the middle of an event.

If there’s a possible issue with the skin, the timestamp finder shrinks down to its customize menu, so you might have a hard time focusing on a specific moment in a longer video.

6. Transformers VLC Skin

Transformers VLC Skin popular among Transformers movie fans. Its modern look and dark-themed colors are all inspired by movies.

The main user interface is classy and simple, with the screen showing only the basic play, volume, fast forward, and rewind buttons. You can access advanced control features like font and color from settings.

7. Avengers Shield VLC Skin

If you like the Avengers movies, Avengers Shield VLC skin can be the VLC skin of your choice. The theme and controls mimic the Avengers shield. From afar, the user interface looks complicated. But with its simple settings, anyone can navigate easily.

The controls, play, pause, fast forward, and rewind, are in the lower left corner. The volume control is in the lower right corner. This organization differentiates this skin from other skins.

Skins are designed to be used with SHIELD Rainmeter Skins for your PC. The link above shows a preview of the Rainmeter skin around the VLC player, which is also customizable. For more information on what Rainmeter can do, Click here.

8. MinimalX

If any skin ages like fine wine, it is MinimalX. The developers of this VLC skin are on a mission to provide users with an unrivaled experience. The skin has received regular updates since its release in 2013, landing at version 3.0 in 2018, and the global trend towards minimalism has finally caught up with its visionary design.

As you can tell from the name, this skin adheres to minimalism. But, it doesn’t compromise on any important features. It has all the bells and whistles you need from VLC: audio and video controls, playlist selection, and subtitles.

Its best feature is the color customizer, letting you choose between a dark, pink, blue or green background.

9. SilentVLC

SilentVLC is another VLC skin that supports an easy to use interface. It has a dark theme and white splash of the control buttons. All the important control features are at the bottom of the screen. No mess.

And if you want to see other windows on your screen, SilentVLC has your back. You can resize the screen to watch in the miniplayer or expand it however you want. This feature has undergone several updates to fix bugs and resolve resizing issues.

10. Slender Beam

Slim Beam sets itself apart from other VLC skins by balancing simplicity and customizability. The user interface is simple and only focuses on the essential movie-watching features. You can fine-tune the layout, button style, color, and sound.

What about the theme? You have two options: white And black . Both are available separately, so you have to choose and download the one that suits you.

Give Your VLC a New Look

With a variety of VLC skins, you don’t have to settle for bland default VLC skins. From the list above, you can find one with an attractive appearance. Most importantly, one that suits your style and doesn’t strain or affect your eyes. And remember, these VLC skins don’t affect the functionality of VLC Media Player. They only change the appearance of the menu.

Which VLC skin are you using? Have you found one that suits your preferences? Let us know in the comments section below.

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