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Prince Michael Jackson II, or as most of the public knows him, Blanket Jackson, was born in February 2002 to his father, Michael Jackson. He is currently known to be working as a filmmaker and a YouTuber. Let us dive a bit into this private personality’s personal life and his net worth and income.

Born as a surrogate child in California, his father, Michael Jackson put in a whole lot of effort to make sure his face and identity remained protected and a secret for as long as possible. Though he was born with the name Prince Michael Jackson II, he got his name changed to Bigi Jackson. 

Out of the three siblings, Bigi or Blanket has managed to maintain a low profile, with the least public appearances and interviews. He came of age in 2020, and his big brother, Prince Michael Jackson, could not get enough of the fact that his small baby brother has grown so much.

In a rare recent interview that Bigi gave recently, he mentioned that all he wants to do is make a positive impact on the world and change people’s lives for the better.

He revealed in the same interview, that he is passionate about climate change and that it is his generation that needs to care and fight for it. 

Considering how lowkey Bigi is, finding information about his personal life is next to impossible. The young Jackson sibling seldom appears on social media or in public events. All we know is that since the unfortunate passing of their father, the three siblings have gotten even closer, with all three of them protecting and complementing each other.

Despite being the youngest of the three, he has revealed that they try to make time for each other whenever they can, knowing that all three of them have found their calling and are pursuing their respective careers. 

The three Jackson siblings with the youngest being, Bigi Jackson (Credits: Hello! Magazine)
The three Jackson siblings, with the youngest being, Bigi Jackson (Credits: Hello! Magazine)

Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth

Keeping in mind that Bigi Jackson was just a young child when his extremely loved and rich father passed and that even now he has just kickstarted his career as a filmmaker and most of his wealth is what he inherited from his father, Bigi or Blanket Jackson’s net worth stands at a whopping $100 million.

Much of his wealth hails from the inheritance that he received after his father’s passing, and from what was publicly revealed, Michael Jackson left forty percent of his wealth for his three kids, which was to be divided evenly among them. 

He also left forty percent for Katherine, his mother, and whatever would be left upon her death would also be evenly divided among his three kids.

While there were many issues regarding Michael Jackson’s wealth and estate, a battle that continued even after his death, the kids still ended up getting a $8 million allowance every year.

From what we know, by the time all three of them turn forty years of age, they will inherit all of their father’s estate, which many believe stands at a worth of $2 billion.

While this inheritance money should be enough for Bigi and the rest to live their life comfortably without working, the three have still decided to pursue their own ambitions.

Blanket Jackson spotted recently in an outing with his brother (Credits: The US Sun)
Blanket Jackson was spotted recently on an outing with his brother (Credits: The US Sun)

Bigi dreams of becoming a filmmaker, and it was revealed that he was the associate producer for the 2013 film, Kingdom Come.

He has made several appearances in documentaries and television shows like Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special, Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael Jackson Memorial, X Factor, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, among others.

The paps have managed to spot him at high-end parties and celebrations, which is an indication that despite being low profile and out of sight of the public, he is still a sought-after personality. Unlike his father, Bigi has managed to create for himself a private life that we hope he is happy with.

Not much information regarding his other personal assets, investments, or projects he might be working on is available.

The only report of Bigi indulging in spurlging his money was back in 2020 when he had reportedly spent over $2.6 million for a house in Calabasas, a house that apparently had six bedrooms, almost seven bathrooms, a pool, and a personal spa space, along with beautiful garage for his expensive cars. 

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