Brandon Flowers Spills The Secret Behind Scrapping Their New Album

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Brandon Flowers stopped working on The Killers’ songs while they were being recorded because he thought they were not developed or improved enough. The band just showed their new song, “Your Side of Town,” their first new music since the single “Boy” in 2022. The lead singer also shared that they have been working on more songs in the studio.

Flowers shared with The Sunday Times that he and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. made songs with producers Stuart Price and Shawn Everett. However, they chose not to use these songs because they did not want to create music that sounded the same as what they did 20 years ago.

The Las Vegas rocker said that when he was halfway through recording, he realized that he could not continue with this. This is not the kind of album he thinks people would hear us making anymore.

Brandon Flowers plans to shift away from their style of music

The Mr. Brightside musician intends to shift away from the style of the band’s first album. Hot Fuss played a big part in making The Killers a famous band worldwide. 

He said that he is really proud of Hot Fuss, especially considering he made it when he was just 20. But now, he is not 20 anymore, so he is thinking about what comes next in his life.

However, Mr. Brightside musician is in a bit of a dilemma, wondering when he should make that change. He also wonders if there are others in the band who want to change as well. The musician further says that there will always be folks who see him and only remember “Somebody Told Me.” He knows that, but he is curious about growing and moving forward. 

If we examine The Killers’ newest song, where the band chooses synths over guitars, it is reasonable to believe they are staying true to this approach.

The Killer
The Killer band members (Credits: NME)

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As Flowers thinks about what’s next in life, it seems like he might be considering making music on his own that matches the style he wants instead of keeping up with what fans of The Killer expect or even what his bandmate wants.

He talks about feeling like he is not good enough, even though he has done impressive things like being the main act at Glastonbury twice and singing “Tiny Dancer” with Elton John at this year’s Glastonbury, which Britney Spears also joined. When asked where he thinks he will be at 76, the same age as Elton John, he admits that The Killers might not exist in the same way they do now.

The Killers is up with Reading and Leeds Festival

Over the weekend, The Killers were the main act at the Reading and Leeds Festival. They delighted their fans by playing a bunch of their well-loved song, like “Mr. Brightside,” “When You Were Young,” and “All These Things That I’ve Done.”

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The Killer
The Killer band (Credits: NME)

During their performance at the Reading and Leeds Festival, they even invited a fan named Ozzy, who is a drummer, to join them on stage and help play their song “For Reasons Unknown.” 

To motivate the drummer, who hails from Neston near Bath, Flowers playfully suggested he should play fester, saying he should have a mindset like “more cocaine than marijuana.” The Killers will perform at two more venues in the UK, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at Boucher Playing Fields and in Stradbelly, Ireland, at Electric Picnic, before returning to North America for more shows.

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