Can Be More Serious, Recognize the Side Effects of this 3 Month Injection KB! Read Now

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Family planning is a program that has been launched by the government for a long time to reduce excess birth rates. Birth control drugs themselves have a varied duration of use, one of which is only 3 months. However, what KB injection side effects 3 months?

In this article, we will invite you to discuss what the side effects are so that you are better prepared.

Get to know the 3 Month Injection KB

Apart from being paired, there are also birth control injections for a duration of once every 3 months. This drug is used to delay or prevent pregnancy in women by preventing ovulation, reducing fertility due to the womb medroxyprogesterone.

Research reveals that this type of birth control is more effective for women with vigorous activity. However, birth control should not be used in pregnant and lactating women because it can be absorbed into breast milk.

Rules of Use

Below are some rules for using the 3-month type of family planning, including:

  • Not used for more than two years, except on the advice of a doctor.
  • Should report to the doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure, kidney disease, gallstones, diabetes, high cholesterol, lupus, asthma.
  • Avoid using it if you are allergic medroxyprogesterone.
  • Consult if you are suffering from depression, seizures, frequent migraines, breast lumps, and a history of breast cancer.
  • If you are at risk of osteoporosis, alcoholism and smoking, you should inform your doctor.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from using this KB.
  • Inform the drugs you are currently taking as well as herbal products or supplements.

Side effects

For women who plan to use the birth control, as follows KB injection side effects 3 months :

  1. Worried
  2. Bloating/nausea
  3. Pimple
  4. Bleeding or spots appear
  5. Headache
  6. Menstrual cycle changes
  7. Stomach ache
  8. Dizzy
  9. Decreased sexual desire
  10. Weight gain
  11. In the injection area appears a hollow / clot
  12. Hair loss

The first few months, these side effects will disappear or decrease. However, you can check if the side effects interfere with your activities.

In addition to the side effects above, there are also more serious allergic reactions that can arise, including:

  1. Symptoms of depression appear, such as weakness, difficulty sleeping, and mood swings easily.
  2. Lower abdomen aches.
  3. The injection area is painful, blood or pus appears.
  4. Swollen hands, face, ankles, or feet.
  5. Blocked blood vessels, severe headache, numbness, sudden loss of vision, difficulty speaking, coughing up blood, chest pain, or swelling of the hands and feet.
  6. Longer menstruation and more blood volume.

Thus a row KB injection side effects 3 months What you need to know before planning to use it. Inform everything with your doctor if you experience side effects, hopefully this is useful.

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