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Durian is one of the favorite fruit in Indonesia. With a sweet taste and delicious fruit, durian is nicknamed “the king of fruits”. However, can breastfeeding mothers eat durian and are there any side effects of eating durian while breastfeeding?

Durian actually contains nutrients that should not be taken lightly, such as potassium, protein, iron, vitamin A, and calcium. In addition, no studies have found the dangers of eating durian in nursing mothers. Then, can breastfeeding mothers eat durian? Check out the full information in this article.

Can Breastfeeding Mothers Eat Durian? Here’s the Explanation

Fruits, including durian, are a type of food that is safe for nursing mothers. In addition, the nutritional content of durian is quite complete and there is no risk or danger of eating durian in nursing mothers. However, durian is high in cholesterol which poses a risk to health if consumed in excess. Then, can breastfeeding mothers eat durian? The answer is yes, as long as the levels are within safe limits for nursing mothers and babies. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers are more encouraged to eat other fruits, for example:

1. Green papaya

Lack of breast milk is a common condition experienced by pregnant women. This condition cannot meet the nutritional intake needed by the baby, so that the growth and development risk is not optimal. To fix this, breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat green papaya. This fruit functions to optimize and expedite the production of breast milk, so that it can meet the nutritional needs of the baby. Green papaya can be consumed directly or mixed into yogurt, other vegetables or fruit.

2. Oranges

Orange is an important fruit consumed by nursing mothers. Oranges are high in vitamin C which is useful for supporting the growth and development of babies, including the growth of bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin C is effective for increasing the immune system of nursing mothers, so they avoid fatigue while breastfeeding.

3. Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium needed by nursing mothers. Potassium functions to balance blood sugar levels, maintain body fluid balance, maintain bone health, and optimize the function of the nervous system. Therefore, so that the intake of potassium for nursing mothers is sufficient, include bananas in the daily menu. One banana contains about 450 milligrams of potassium but avoid unripe bananas.

4. Avocado

Avocado is also a recommended fruit for nursing mothers. Consuming avocados regularly effectively meets the daily potassium needs of nursing mothers. In fact, the potassium content in avocados is considered higher than bananas. Not only potassium, avocados are high in protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and lutein, which nursing mothers need.

5. Strawberries

High vitamin C content is also found in strawberries. This fruit is useful for launching and increasing breast milk production and sufficient body fluids, so that nursing mothers avoid dehydration. To get optimal benefits, consume at least 120 milligrams of strawberries per day.

That is an explanation of whether or not breastfeeding mothers can eat durian and fruits that are safe for consumption by nursing mothers. To be safe for health, nursing mothers are advised to consult a doctor before eating any fruit, especially if they have certain medical conditions. This is so that breastfeeding mothers know the right type and dosage of fruit to consume.

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