Can You Apply Aloe Vera Directly to Your Face? Here’s the Explanation Read Now

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The use of aloe vera is not just a trend. This natural ingredient has long been used to maintain skin health and beauty. Quoted from data published by Baylor College of Medicine, the content of enzymes, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamin A, and vitamin C in aloe vera is effective in reducing acne scars and moisturizing dry skin. For optimal benefits, can you apply aloe vera directly to your face?

Still quoted from the same study, the enzyme content in aloe vera effectively accelerates skin exfoliation, so the skin looks smooth. What are the benefits of aloe vera for skin health and is it permissible to apply aloe vera directly to the face to get the benefits? Check out more information about the benefits of aloe vera for the face in this article.

The Benefits of Applying Aloe Vera Directly to the Face

Can you apply aloe vera directly to your face? The use of natural aloe vera is more recommended to get optimal benefits than in the form of packaged products. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply aloe vera directly to your face. The trick, peel the skin of aloe vera and take the flesh to apply to the face.

For those of you who do activities outside the home, using aloe vera is important to prevent sunburn and cool the skin due to sun exposure. In addition, here are the various benefits of aloe vera for the face that you need to know:

Brighten the face

Enzymes in aloe vera are effective in preventing dull skin, brightening the skin, and smoothing the skin. You can use an aloe vera mask to get the benefits.

Moisturizing face

Skin can cause skin problems, such as scaly skin, pimples, and flaky skin. Applying aloe vera regularly can moisturize facial skin. In addition, applying aloe vera on the face effectively increases skin elasticity.

Prevent acne breakouts

Aloe is antibacterial and antimicrobial which is effective in preventing acne. Research has also found that applying aloe vera gel regularly, along with other anti-acne medications, is effective in reducing acne by about 35%.

Eliminate black spots on the face

If you have problems with dark spots and spots on your face, applying aloe vera directly to your face can be the solution. To get the benefits, it is recommended that you apply aloe vera gel regularly at least twice per day.

Slows down signs of aging

Slowing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, is also one of the benefits provided by aloe vera. To get the benefits, use aloe vera masks regularly.

To get fair skin glowing, healthy, and youthful, it’s not enough just to use aloe vera. You also need to balance it with a healthy lifestyle, for example eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, drinking water, getting enough and quality sleep, not smoking, reducing drinking alcohol, and managing stress properly, for example doing fun activities, aromatherapy, or relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

If you have used aloe vera, but skin problems are not resolved or side effects appear, for example allergic reactions and skin redness, you should consult a dermatologist to examine the cause and be given treatment according to your condition.

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