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When you have a cough and flu, warm water is one way to cure it. Warm water is also often drunk when the weather is cold due to constant rain. However, can you drink warm water when stomach acid rises?

Warm water holds a variety of health benefits, one of which soothes the throat. Then, can you drink warm water when stomach acid rises? Check out the full information about the benefits and rules for drinking warm water when stomach acid rises in this article.

Know the Benefits of Drinking Warm Water When Stomach Acid Rises

Adequate body fluids by drinking water is important so that it can work optimally, including optimizing the digestive system. Water functions to break down food so that nutrients can be absorbed by the body easily and softens stool so that it is easily excreted from the body. Then, can you drink warm water when stomach acid rises? The answer is yes. In fact, there are various benefits of warm water for the following stomach acids:

1. Reduce symptoms of GERD and ulcers

For people with GERD and ulcers, drinking water is important to relieve symptoms. Warm water serves to dilute stomach acid which the body needs to break down and absorb nutrients from food. In addition, warm water can protect the body from infection by killing viruses or bacteria in the stomach.

2. Prevent symptoms of GERD and ulcers from recurring

To anticipate GERD and ulcer symptoms that can appear at any time, you need to drink warm water and eat fibrous foods. The combination of warm water and fiber effectively absorbs excess stomach acid and suppresses hunger, so you don’t overeat. Eating too much is a trigger factor for GERD.

Tips for Drinking Safe Warm Water for Stomach Acid

Warm water is the right way to maintain digestive health for anyone. For people with GERD or gastritis, drinking warm water is the right choice to reduce symptoms that may recur at any time. However, there are things that need to be considered if you want to get the benefits of warm water for stomach acid, namely:

1. Make sure the water temperature is warm, not hot

Avoid drinking hot water, because it causes discomfort in the tongue. For people with GERD, drinking hot water can trigger problems in the throat, thus exacerbating the symptoms. Therefore, be sure to choose warm water so that the benefits are felt optimally.

2. Don’t overdo it

Consuming any food or drink in excess is certainly not good for health, including drinking warm water. Drinking too much warm water risks flatulence, so it can interfere with your activities. For people with stomach disorders, drinking too much warm water can actually exacerbate symptoms.

The intake of body fluids needed by each person can vary, depending on age, gender, health condition, and activity. Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, it is recommended that you drink warm water at least 8 glasses per day. For people with heart disease or kidney disease, the need for daily body fluids is handled by a doctor to prevent symptoms from getting worse.

In conclusion, warm water can be drunk when stomach acid rises, but within reasonable limits. Also balance it with a healthy lifestyle, for example eating a balanced nutritious diet and exercising regularly.

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