Does Royal Tear Use the Same Map? Rather

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Does Royal Tear Use the Same Map? Kind Of

A quick glance at the Royal Tears map might trick you into thinking it shares the same map with its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. However, even though the game is played in the same region of Hyrule, a lot has changed with regards to the maps and locations available for you to explore.

This article will provide you with in-depth information on everything you need to know about the new Royal Tears map.

Changes Introduced in New Kingdom Tear Map

Many gamers have questioned finding the exact Hyrule Map in Tears of the Kingdom and claim that reusing map locations makes the game boring. However, the map has two main new features, and most of the old areas have received improvements. Here’s an overview of the most notable changes.

Sheikah Tower and Shrine

This location was an important feature of BOTW but is now missing from the map. You will now find a glowing flower in place of the tower. Ultimately, while you may see landmarks from Breath of the Wild, more locations have been added to the Royal Tears map.

Sky Islands

The creation of the Sky Islands has introduced verticality to the map of Hyrule. If BOTW used to be a flat surface, the floating islands in Tears of the Kingdom have made the map even more expansive. It has introduced new mechanics such as Ascend, which will help you reach the Sky Islands.

Big Sky Island is one of the biggest new air additions, but the changes aren’t just upwards. Floating islands are quite wide and spacious with different views, positions and even climates. There are lots of different locations for you to explore in the Sky Islands, including temples and new exploration techniques that will help you swim through expanses of water.

Underground Depths

The Royal Tears map also includes a new underworld dimension. Different rules apply in this region, and you’ll need Brightbloom seeds to light your way. The mix of dimly lit surroundings and narrow passages beside slender branches means the slightest misstep can cost you a recharge.

Kakariko village

Kakariko Village is one of the areas that underwent the most changes in the sequels. It seemed that during the Upheaval, the Sky Islands launched a fierce attack on this village and it was now dotted with ring-like ruins. Life completely changes for the villagers of Kakariko in Royal Tears as they struggle to rebuild.

Gerudou City

You will notice on your wandering through Hyrule that the town of Gerudo has fallen silent. This is because the people in the location are hiding, making it a ghost town. The good news was, Link didn’t need to sneak into town anymore.

Hyrule Castle

Remember Hyrule Castle? It is now a floating castle in Royal Tears. It also seems a lot cleaner and the area is growing.

Zora Domains

The shrine that used to be within Zora’s domain no longer exists. It seems that Gloom’s appearance broke him. The central statue representing Zora has also been changed. This location underwent a slight change in Royal Tears.

Resurrection Temple

The Temple of Resurrection is also gone. While standing in its original location, you can catch a glimpse of the floating island and Hyrule while you’re here, but the layout has changed significantly. The cave that contains the Shrine has some new encounters, so don’t discount this location just yet.

The Lost Woods

While this location is shown again and looks familiar, a few things have changed. Finding the center of the forest is very different and Gloom’s dark magic has destroyed the once beautiful home of Korok.

Why Maps Are Repurposed for Royal Tears

Many people have insinuated that reusing the same Hyrule map has rendered the game worthless compared to its predecessors. But, the developers posted why they included the same overall map in Royal Tears. They insisted that it was in the plan from the start and that it only served to make it better.

Here’s their explanation of why maps are reused:

The designers had a lot of ideas that couldn’t be executed perfectly in Breath of the Wild. So, for this concept to mesh well with Tears of the Kingdom, it must cover the same area of ​​Hyrule. It makes no sense to translate ideas into other maps. Additional features added to the map aim to refresh the user experience. The loss of various locations and the addition of other aspects such as cliffs, Sky Islands and Underworld have created an enjoyable novelty to the game. Even if you’ve mastered the map of Hyrule like the back of your hand, this new world in Tears of the Kingdom has plenty of surprises waiting.

There’s so much more to explore in Hyrule with Tears of the Kingdom. So if you’ve been looking forward to this follow-up after indulging in its predecessor, then you’re in luck. Get ready to see Hyrule in a completely different light. It will make you wonder if you really know Hyrule.


What game is the sequel to Tears of the Kingdom?

Tears of the Kingdom is the sequel to “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and builds on most of the ideas that couldn’t be executed in BOTW due to time constraints.

Can you play Tears of the Kingdom using only Nintendo Switch?

Yes. You can play this game in handheld or home console mode.

Is Tears of the Kingdom a Multiplayer game?

No. The game, like most previous Zelda titles, is for single player only.

Which location changed the most in Tears of the Kingdom?

At the top of the list is Hyrule Castle. It’s floating now, and in what once looked like an abandoned castle in Breath of the Wild, it now looks better than ever. Kakariko village comes in second due to the damage left by the floating islands.

Enjoy an Immersive and Refreshing Experience with Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo’s developers aren’t one to shy away from a challenge and they hit it off with this one right away. Tears of the Kingdom gives you better exploration opportunities than Breath of the Wild. Although Tears of the Kingdom still covers the region of Hyrule, the new locations add an interesting twist to the game, allowing players to discover a new side of Hyrule.

Which map change in Tears of the Kingdom excited you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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