Effective 30 Day Healthy Diet Menu Recommendations Read Now

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In order for your weight loss program to be optimal, the diet that is carried out must of course be healthy and minimal risk. Doing a healthy diet does not only focus on reducing calorie intake, but also on a healthy diet every day. Know the effective 30 day healthy diet menu.

A healthy diet menu needs to meet nutritional needs every day. To make it easier for you, here are recommendations for a healthy diet menu for 30 days that can be applied to lose weight.

30 Day Healthy Diet Menu for Effective Weight Loss

Here’s a list of 30-day healthy diet menus that are easy and effective to apply:

1. Monday

The healthy diet menu on the first day is oatmeal mixed with fruit which is high in fiber, carbohydrates and minerals. You can consume this menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Tuesday

On the second day, you can have an omelette for breakfast and lunch with grilled chicken and carrots or tomatoes. Meanwhile, for dinner, consume brown rice and chicken or fish.

3. Wednesday

On the third day, you need to increase your fruit intake, for example oranges, avocados, bananas and melons. In addition, you can increase your intake of vegetables or whole grains, such as broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, mustard greens and spinach.

4. Thursday

Even if the portion of your meal is reduced while on a diet, you should still have breakfast. The menu for breakfast on the fourth day is avocado smoothies during the day or night. In addition, consume vegetable salad with olive oil dressing for dinner.

5. Friday

Wholemeal bread sandwiches with peanut butter are the right healthy diet menu choice for breakfast on day five. For lunch, you can eat a vegetable salad with chicken. Meanwhile, for dinner, you can eat boiled eggs and boiled vegetables.

6. Saturday

On the sixth day, you can eat yogurt with added fruit or cereal. For lunch, you can replace rice with corn.

7. Sunday

The weekend is the perfect time for cheat day. That is, you are free to choose the food consumed for one day. However, you are not advised to consume these foods in excess.

You can consume the list of healthy diet menus above repeatedly for 30 days until your ideal body weight is realized.

Foods to Avoid When Dieting

In addition to implementing a healthy diet menu for 30 days, you need to avoid several types of foods that can hinder your weight loss, namely:

  • Fried foods or snacks, such as potato chips.
  • Ice cream.
  • Junk food with unbalanced nutrition, for example pizza.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners: honey or raw sugar.
  • Foods with processed additives, eg MSG, sulfites or carrageenan.
  • Alcohol: all alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine.

That’s a list of healthy diet menus for 30 days that are recommended to lose your weight effectively. In addition, balance it with a healthy lifestyle so that the ideal body weight is maintained, for example regular exercise or physical activity, adequate and quality sleep, and drinking enough water.