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Toothache cavities trigger discomfort during activities and no appetite. If ignored, cavities can be a dangerous complication. Therefore, you can apply a variety of effective ways to deal with cavities.

Toothache cavities are triggered by plaque that is not cleaned and turned into acid by bacteria, thereby damaging the enamel that protects the teeth and triggering cavities. If not treated as soon as possible, cavities have a risk of dangerous complications. To treat it, here’s how to deal with cavities that are effective.

Know How to Treat Cavities Effectively

Cavities that are classified as mild generally do not cause pain. However, pain will appear if the cavity is not treated, expands, and irritates the nerves. To avoid this, here are various ways to treat cavities that are effective to apply:

1. Using fluoride

The use of fluoride is the right treatment option if cavities are classified as mild. Fluoride is useful for repairing damage to the enamel. The trick, apply fluoride gel or liquid form for a few minutes. The benefits of fluoride can also be obtained through toothpaste and mouthwash available in supermarkets, so that the treatment of cavities is easier. However, if it doesn’t work, you should consult a doctor to be given toothpaste or mouthwash with a higher fluoride content.

2. Patching teeth

If cavities trigger changes in tooth color and structure, sudden pain, and pain after eating and drinking cold, hot, or sweet things, you should call your doctor. The doctor will fill cavities and remove damaged and cavities by drilling and filling them using materials, such as gold, porcelain, silver, and composite resin.

3. Root canal treatment

Another way to treat cavities is root canal treatment. This method is done if the decay has spread to the pulp or the inside of the tooth by removing the diseased tooth pulp. After that, the dentist will patch or place a crown, so that the tooth does not need to be removed.

4. Pulling teeth

Pulling teeth is the right choice if cavities are very severe and difficult to cure, so they must be removed. Discarded teeth will leave gaps that allow shifting of other gears. In addition, teeth that have been removed make it difficult for you to chew. Therefore, it is recommended that you install a bridge or series of dentures to replace the teeth that have been removed.

In addition to the ways to treat cavities above, you need to implement cavities prevention, namely maintaining the health and strength of your teeth by brushing your teeth regularly 2 times per day and reducing consumption of sweet foods or drinks. It is also recommended that you carry out periodic dental health checks to the dentist at least once every 2 years for adults and once a year for children.

If you experience cavities that trigger complaints, such as facial swelling, difficulty chewing, and difficulty opening your mouth, you should consult a doctor to diagnose the cause, so that treatment is given according to the conditions and does not cause infection or severe complications.

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