FIX: Error ‘550 No User Here” in Gmail’Send mail as'(Resolved)

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If you’re receiving the “550 No Such User Here” error when sending an email using Gmail’s “Send Email as” feature, continue reading below to fix the problem.

Problem in details: When using the “Send email as” feature in Gmail to send email from your own email server to your Google Workspace/G Suite/Google Apps account, sending fails because the “account setting’Send email as’ is incorrectly configured with error 550: No Such User Here”, although the account setting’Send mail as’ is configured correctly.

Delivery Status Notification (Failed) – Message not delivered

You sent this from another address or alias using the ‘Send email as’ feature. The setting for your ‘Send email as’ account is either misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

The answer from the remote server is:

550 No Such User Here

How to FIX: Gmail”Send email As”Delivery Failed with error “550 No User Here”.

The error “550 No user here” when sending email using your own mail server through Gmail’s “Send email as” feature occurs due to an invalid MX record configuration on your own mail server. To fix the problem, follow the steps below:*

* Vital Records:
1. The “550 No such user here” error usually occurs because the recipient’s email address is incorrect, or if the email account you are using in the Gmail “Send email as” feature does not exist on your email server. So, before proceeding with the steps below, make sure that the recipient’s email address is correct and that you are using an existing email account on your email server.

2. (Requirements) In order to follow the instructions in the steps below, you must have access to modify your domain’s MX Records (e.g. at cPanel). If you don’t have access to do so, ask your domain hosting provider to implement these steps.

Step 1. Add Google MX Records & Change Domain MX Priority.

First modify the Zone Records of your own domain (Zone record of the Domain you routed email to Google Workspace/G Suite/Google Apps), as instructed below:

1. If you have cPanel, click it Zone Editor in the ‘Domains’ section.

2. Click manage next to your domain.

3. In the Zone Editor:

A Click Add Notes then add one by one Google MX records for your domain (eg.””) if you haven’t already:

Priority Objective

B. Then, click Edit and change MX Priority on your destination domain (eg.””) from “1″to”20“.

4. When finished, proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Change Email Routing for Your Domain.

After adding the required Google MX Records and changing the MX Priority on your Domain, change the type Email Routing for your Domain, to route your Domain Email to Google Workspace/G Suite/Google Apps).

1. In cPanel, click Email Routing in the “Email” section.

2. In the Email Routing options, select it Remote Mail Exchangers and click Change. *

*Note: Usually,”Auto Detect Configuration: Backup:” will also work, as it will detect the correct MX Priority after modifying the Record Zone in the previous step.

3. Finished! If you try to send an email now using Gmail’s “Send Email As” function, you’ll see that the “550 No Such User Here” issue has been resolved. *

* Note: If the error persists, continue to wipe And add back e-mail account in Arrangement Gmail > Account and Import feature settings > Send email as.

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