Fix Microsoft Store Stuck Downloading Apps in Windows 11

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@media(min-width:0px){}Even though Microsoft Store works fine most of the time, sometimes an issue can occur where the app crashes during the download process. If so, follow the troubleshooting steps below to find the reason and fix the problem.

Compared to its early days, the Microsoft Store has been improved and improved to make installation, upgrade and uninstall as smooth as possible. In fact, downloading apps from the Microsoft Store is one of the safest things you can do.


However, there are cases when the app crashes during download on Microsoft Store. There can be several reasons for this such as corrupted save files, sudden unplanned system shutdown, expired save files, problems with your Microsoft account and many more. Fortunately, it’s very easy to troubleshoot the cause of this problem and fix it quickly.

So, without any delay, let me show you the steps to take to solve the problem of app downloading stuck in Microsoft Store.

Fix app stuck in Microsoft Store

When Microsoft Store is stuck downloading apps, follow the suggestions below to fix the problem.

Refresh Microsoft Store App Login Repair Microsoft Store app Reset Microsoft Store app Run Windows Store app troubleshooter Reinstall Microsoft Store app

Let’s look at each suggestion in detail:@media(min-width:0px){}

1. Refresh Microsoft Store App Login

If your login credentials are incorrect or corrupted in the Microsoft Store, the app may crash downloading. To fix this, you will need to log out and back into the Microsoft Store. Here’s how to do it.


First, open the Microsoft Store app by searching for it in the Start menu or by clicking the Store icon on the taskbar. Once open, click on your account icon on the top bar. This will open the user options menu.

Here, click/tap on the “Exit” option. If you see a confirmation request, click the “Yes” or “Exit” button.

Once logged out, click on the user icon again and click/tap on the “Sign in” button.

@media(min-width:0px ){}The Microsoft Store will ask you to choose an account to sign in with. Choose your account of choice and you’re logged back in.

Next, close and reopen the app. After that, try downloading the app from the Microsoft Store.

2. Repair the Microsoft Store app

If some store app files are out of date or corrupted, you can recover them by repairing Microsoft Store apps which in turn fixes apps stuck in download process.

Launch Windows 11 Settings app using Windows key + I keyboard shortcut. After that, navigate to the “Applications” tab in the sidebar. Next, click on the “Installed apps” option. As you can assume, this is the page where Windows lists all the apps [email protected](min-width:0px){}

Find the Microsoft Store entry in the list of installed apps and click on the three-dotted menu icon next to it. Select “Advanced options” from the menu.

Scroll down the Microsoft Store app settings page and click/tap on the “Fix” button.

With that, the Microsoft Store app has been Fixed. You will see a small checkmark next to the Fix button. After that, try downloading the app from Microsoft [email protected](min-width:0px){}

3. Reset the Microsoft Store app

Once fixed, you can also try resetting the Microsoft Store apps. Resetting completely resets all save files. That is, if some storage files are missing, corrupted or out of date, a reset will repair the application and resolve the application stuck in the download process.

Open the Settings app by clicking the icon in the taskbar or pressing the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut. Go to the “Apps > Installed apps” page. Here, find the Microsoft Store app entry, click on the menu icon next to it, and click/tap on the “Advanced options” option.

Now, scroll down and hit the “Reset” button twice to reset Microsoft Store apps.

After resetting, try downloading apps from the Microsoft Store.

4. Run the Windows Store apps troubleshooter

When there is a problem with any store app, including Microsoft Store apps, you can use the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to find and fix the problem. The Microsoft Store that crashes while downloading apps does the same. Here’s how to find and run the Windows Store app troubleshooter.

Open Windows 11 Settings app. Navigate to “System“in the sidebar.Scroll down and click/tap the option “Fixers“.Click/tap the option “Another troubleshooter“. Scroll down and click the “Button”run“beside “Windows Store apps.”Follow on screen instructions.Close the troubleshooter window after following the instructions. With that, fixed app stuck in download process.

5. Reinstall the Microsoft Store app

Finally, reinstall the Microsoft Store app to fix the app getting stuck in the download process.

Open PowerShell as admin. Type “Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore | Remove-AppxPackage“and press Enter.With that, Microsoft Store app reinstalled.

After reinstalling the Microsoft Store app, you can try and download apps from it.

How-to guide regarding Microsoft Store:

Just that. Follow all the suggestions above and the issue of Microsoft Store apps unable to download apps or stuck downloading apps will be fixed.

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helps you.

If you get stuck or need help, send me an email, and I’ll try to help as much as I can.


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