FIX: This network connection does not exist. (Resolved)

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If you are unable to disconnect from a mapped network drive, with the “This network connection does not exist” error, continue reading below to fix the problem.

The “Network connection does not exist” error usually occurs if the drive letter of the network drive you are trying to disconnect from, is already in use by another local device on your computer (e.g. local drive), or due to an invalid registry entry. To fix the problem, apply the instructions below.

How to Fix: Missing network connection – Unable to Disconnect Network Drive in Windows 10/11.

Method 1. Ensure Mail Driver is not Used from another Local Drive.

As I mentioned above, the “Network connection does not exist” error is caused if Windows has assigned a drive letter of a network drive that is mapped to another local drive or disk. So the first step is to make sure this doesn’t happen.

+ R key to open run command box.

2. In the run command box, type: diskmgmt.msc and press Enter or click OK to open the Windows Disk Management console.

3. In Disk Management, check the drive letter assigned to your local disk/drive/removable drive/CDROM, etc., and make sure no drive letter is the same as the mapped network drive. p>

4. Now according to the result proceed as follows:

If the drive letter of the mapped network drive is not assigned to the local drive, skip to the next method. If one of your local drives has the same drive letter as the network mapped drive, proceed to the next step to change it.*

* eg: If you mapped a network shared folder with the letter “Z:”, and the letter “Z:” is used from the local device, (as in ‘CD-RROM’ in the screenshot below), go ahead and change the drive letter of the drive local to another local drive, as instructed below:

5a. To change the device/local drive drive letter, right click at him and choose Change Drive Letter and Path…

5b. Then click Change.

5c. Use the drop-down menu to select a different drive letter and click Okay Then Yes to confirm changes.

6. Restart PC then try disconnecting the mapped network drive again (if it is still there).

Method 2. FIX “This network connection does not exist” in Registry.

All drive letters assigned to local and network drives are stored under the “MountPoints2” key in the registry. So, the next method to fix the mentioned problem is to delete the “MountPoints2″ registry key to force Windows to regenerate it and the information it contains, on the next reboot.

1. Open it Registry Editor. To do this:

+ button R to open the run command box.
2. Type regedit and press enter to open Registry Editor.

2. Within the registry, navigate from the left pane at this location.


3. Then, right click on lock MountPoints2 and click Delete. (When prompted, click Yes to confirm your decision.)

4. Then navigate to this path:


5. Double click on the button Network and see if there’s a key underneath named with a mapped network drive letter. if yes,right click And Wipe. *

* e.g. If the drive letter of the mapped network drive is “Z”, and you see the letter “Z” under the “Network” button (as in this example), go ahead and delete it.

6. Close Registry Editor and restart your PC. Usually mapped network drives will be removed.

There he is! Which method worked for you?
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