Frequent urination but not painful No need to worry too much Read Now

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Actually there’s nothing wrong with urinating or peeing often, as long as the natural causes are well known. For example, you are in a cold area and to warm up your body is to drink hot water so that your body also warms up. Because there is no body movement or passive, you will pee less than 2 hours later, this is normal.

In this article will be discussed about frequent urination but no pain, is it dangerous or not. Let’s listen!

Factors Causing Frequent Peeing But Not Painful

1. Too much drinking water

Normally, 24 hours a day, the frequency of urinating is 6-7 times with a record that the ambient temperature is normal, it is not too cold and drinking white water is sufficient for a maximum of 12 glasses. Too much to drink when the ambient temperature is normal will make the body’s sodium wasted.

2. Diabetes

The kidneys work to filter excess blood sugar levels but in some cases this doesn’t work so that the excess comes out through the pee. Early diabetes symptoms are characterized by frequent but painless urination.

Start limiting rice carbohydrates 2 times a day and increase the amount of vegetables so that your insulin remains stable.

3. Pregnant

The bladder will be pressed because the uterus containing the fetus is getting bigger, it makes you pee often but it doesn’t hurt. You don’t need to worry if you can pee 9 times a day (24 hours). Especially if the temperature is cold and you need water to soothe pregnant women’s emotions.

4. Isk

Or a urinary tract infection can be marked by frequent urination but it doesn’t hurt, but in most cases, 90% of urinary tract infections always start with painful urination, some even mixed with blood. Isk can be avoided by changing the direction of the wipe after the chapter, you clean the rectum to the side or just the rectum backwards. As for the art hole, just go in that direction. Dry with a non-perfumed tissue so that it is not too damp.

5. Bladder is more active

Is a condition caused by excessive body weight and internal injuries such as holding urine during sexual intercourse. Don’t do that because your bladder can be injured, especially if you have children. The internal organs after having children begin to lose strength, so keep your stomach area down by not doing extreme activities.

6. Weak pelvis

Is a weak pelvic muscle condition that makes the urethra stretch and can cause the bladder to shift. You are advised not to lift heavy weights such as 3 kg of gas or others because it is very influential.

Frequent urination but no pain you don’t need to be afraid as long as you control your diet and healthy lifestyle. Try to think positively so that your soul does not lower your body’s immunity.