Google Bard AI July 2023 Update brings new features and is expanding globally

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Google announced new features and expanded availability for Bard. Currently, Google Bard is available in 40 languages ​​and in every supported region. Some of the new features include response tones, read-aloud, sharing options, interface redesign, and more.

Google provides many changes to its Bard AI, including extending the chatbot to almost all countries where the search engine is available, an option to change the response style, a read-aloud feature, new conversation controls, new sharing options and more.

Starts with July 2023 update, Google Bard works in 40 languages, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Hindi which allows almost anyone to access the chatbot in their native language. Besides that, chatbot is now available in 238 countries and territories. This is important because its competitor (ChatGPT) is more widely available than Bard.

In this new wave of updates, similar to Bing Chat, you can now change the tone of Bard’s responses to longer, shorter, simpler, more casual, or more professional. (At the time of writing, it was limited to the US.)

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Additionally, there’s a new option that lets you ask the chatbot to read responses aloud to learn the pronunciation of certain words or want to hear rather than read the answer when you multitask.

Also, as part of the change, the interface has been updated, moving the controls from the left to the top right corner. On the left side, you will now see your past conversations which you can pin and rename. Plus, you can now export code generated from chatbots to more places.

Google has even added an option to share feedback with others, and if you want to learn more about a particular image, you can now upload an image file to Bard for analysis using Google Lens with the ability to ask additional questions about the image.

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