Hanlim Gym Chapter 144: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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The most awaited and highly talked about action-fantasy manga series, Hanlim Gym, gets an official release date for the latest chapter 144. This manga series by Hyeseong is a delightful blend of action, drama, and fantasy.

The series’ protagonist is Youngha Jeon, a new transfer student who fights back and discovers he can pack a punch. And this is the fantasy we all want to live. Right? It is possible to live this fantasy with Hanlim Gym.

As the story progresses, our main character becomes the unstoppable force and gets the new title of the toughest guy at school.

His faith suddenly turns when he encounters Suho Kang, the champion of PVP games, in a match. He single-handledly takes down him and his crew. From there, begins Youngha Jeon’s journey to regain his honor.

Hanlim Gym
Hanlim Gym (Credits: Naver)

The previous chapter begins with the panel that was touring over the Amazon. Then suddenly, we discover that the plane had crashed. And three deaths in total. But only a child who miraculously survived. Later, the boy was known as the monster, beast, and Death. He is the one who will face Youngha Jeon in the bloodbath match.

Are you desperately waiting for the release of Hanlim Gym Chapter 144? If your answer is yes? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the official release date of Hanlim Gym Chapter 144. And along with the latest spoilers and information about where to read it. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the updates!

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Hanlim Gym Chapter 143 Recap

The last chapter of Hanlim Gym begins with a panel showing a plane traveling over the Amazon. Suddenly, the plane crashed, with three deaths in total. And only a child who miraculously survived the crash.

Hanlim Gym Chapter 143 Recap
Hanlim Gym Chapter 143 Recap (Credits: Naver)

Unfortunately, the child who survived the crash finds himself stuck in the Amazon forest. The next panel of the chapter is all about teaching us the law of the jungle.

The child is now grown up and experiencing it again, this time in society instead of the jungle. His battle with Youngha Jeon takes him back to when he finds himself in the situation. Though everyone knows him as the Beast, the Moster, and Death, our boy lands punches on him like a champ.

Everyone in the crowd was wondering why he was retreating! It appears that he was running bravely just now — what now? Has he ever been like that before? At last, Death makes a move and scratches attack on Youngha Jeon, which he blocks with bare hands.

We can see that his move is powerful enough to rip through his guard. Death! He’s cornering him fiercely wild beast!

Everyone is in the crowd enjoying this bloodbath battle between Death and Youngha Jeon. We witness Death’s childhood memories as a wolf raises him to safety. Since childhood, he has been killing and eating animals. He was reborn as the apex predator, choming on the wild beasts in that environment.

The battle between two power entities still keeps going. And the arena is filled with an outrageous roar! At last, we see Yeongha Jeon in action, who counterattacks Death in the blink of an eye!

Yeongha Jeon says, “I warned you.” “You’ll die if you blabber.” The battle between the two gets more intense with each passing time. Death landed a powerful blow to Jeon, and he fell a long distance. Now, both are trash-talking while fighting to keep the battle interesting.

Death hit Jeon with the boomb stick, but he caught it. The audience in the arena went wild after witnessing the will of Jeon, who hadn’t given up his hope.

Finally, Death strikes directly by cutting the bamboo! But his attack didn’t work since Jeon grabbed his neck and tried to choke him. Jeon punches Death on the guts — powerful enough to fly him up to the sky! 

Chapter 143 of Hanlim Gym ended with Youngha Jeon on the top while Death is on the ground.

Hanlim Gym Chapter 144 Spoilers

In Hanlim Gym Chapter 144, we will see the battle between Jeon and Death is nearing an end. Jeon will win the battle as he hits the most powerful punches on Death, leaving him in shock.

Hanlim Gym Chapter 144 Release Date

Hanlim Gym Chapter 144 is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 2023. The official release time of the chapter is not available.

Where to Read Hanlim Gym Chapter 144 Online?

You can read Hanlim Gym Chapter 144 on Naver in the raw format (Korean Language).

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