Haunting Of The Queen Mary Ending Explained: Did Anne Kill Lukas?

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What happened at the end of Haunting Of The Queen Mary? Haunting Of The Queen Mary focuses obviously on the Queen Mary, the famous ship. Now, it does it in two time periods, so it tells the story from back in the 30s when the ship was in its prime. Basically, it tells the story of how things went terribly wrong on the Queen Mary back in the day. There are a lot of murders that take place, and so on and so forth.

Then we also have a jump forward to the present day, and there is Alice Eve’s character, Joel Fry’s character, who is kind of partner, and she wants to kind of do an exposure on the Queen Mary, do this piece on it, and she wants to kind of bring it back to its glory because it’s mainly used for like tourism and things like that. However, while she’s there with her partner Joel Fry and her young son, there are some spooky things that take place. So it kind of it’s two different stories essentially.

Here is the Haunting Of The Queen Mary Ending Explained:

Haunting Of The Queen Mary Ending Explained

The main belief for all of the numerous hauntings seen inside the Queen Mary ship in the current timeframe is the same: the spirits all wanted to get off the ship. The ghosts or spirits appeared to be from the horrible murders performed by a possessed David, as well as some other undisclosed dark happenings that must have occurred on the ship.

In terms of the family portrayed in the present timeline, the ship has a direct impact on them when the small son, Lukas, gets rescued by the spirit of Jackie.

The spirit of Jackie saved Lukas by pulling him into the water after being pursued by the spirit of possessed David. However, the girl was acting according to her own agenda. Jackie’s spirit, like all the other spirits, wanted to exit the ship and was looking for a body.

As a result, when Lukas gets back together with his parents and returns home, the parents discover that the ghost of Jackie is residing within their son’s body while the soul of Lukas remains imprisoned inside the ship. Patrick and Anne spend several risky hours at the location in an effort to save their kid from the ship while also facing numerous scary specters.

After failing to locate their kid, the parents decide to allow their spirits to remain on the ship and allow the ghosts of Gwen and David to leave the area using their bodies as a vehicle. The Caulders agreed to have their bodies used because their kid Jackie was already outside.

The ending of Haunting of the Queen Mary is extremely unclear and confusing, but the overall idea that the film might represent is that Patrick and Anne not only fail to find their kid but are also detained by the police. This is due to the fact that Anne pushed Lukas out of her first-floor window after realizing that Jackie’s ghost was now living inside his body.

Given that they were unaware of the paranormal occurrences, her neighbor and the authorities, who were quickly contacted following this, saw this as a clear case of homicide.

However, this comes as a big relief to Bittner, who is currently in charge of the Queen Mary ship, since Lukas’s camera would have exposed far too many of the ship’s mysteries to the public.

However, with the camera roll now gone and the Caulders now detained by the authorities, Bittner and his employers were no longer in danger, and so the horrific secrets surrounding the Queen Mary ship were also saved.

Haunting Of The Queen Mary Explained
Captain Bittner (Credits: Vertigo Films)

Haunting Of The Queen Mary Review

When I first kind of glanced at this, I thought it was just gonna be like a standard, director-streaming, fairly low-budgeted type film. And then I was surprised to find out that it’s actually a little bit of pedigree here. You’ve obviously got Alice Eve and Joel Fry. But director like Gary Shore has directed things like Dracula Untold in the past as well. So there’s a decent amount of pedigree here.

The production values of this film are probably one of the best things about it. I mean, it’s filmed very nicely, it looks quite beautiful at times, some clever lighting going on, nice and glossy and shiny and all that kind of stuff. The costumes and the production design for the ship when it was when it’s in the 30s are very good. All looks the part and stuff.

So there’s a lot of effort and time has gone into that side of the thing. Unfortunately, the rest of the film just doesn’t hold up. It feels disjointed anyway because it’s constantly jumping backward and forwards in time. It’s telling two different stories, and that can always be jarring unless the story is telling or the narrative is fairly simple to follow. And unfortunately, this one really drops that ball, narratively.

The Story In The Past

They both could have been interesting stories in their own right. Then the one set in the 30s has got a real Shining vibe to it. You’ve got this family on the ship that shouldn’t really be there. They’re kind of hustled their way on the ship. And then there’s quite a lot of celebrities on there.

It’s one of these unsinkable ships, like the whole Titanic type of story. They are kind of trying to get from A to B at a fast speed, and they don’t want anything to go wrong, and then obviously creepy things start happening, and then you get this real Shining vibe going on with the father of this family that kind of got on the ship, and it follows that story. But it doesn’t do it in one lump; it just keeps jumping back to it, so you get bits and pieces of the story.

Haunting Of The Queen Mary Ending
The Story in the Past (Credits: Vertigo Films)

The Present Day Story

Then you’ve got the modern day, the present-day story with Alice Eve and Joel Fry. To me, that is the weakest part of the film. It felt very disjointed, and the horror they were trying to inject into that felt very forced. It just didn’t necessarily make sense narratively.

Alice Eve’s character goes to kind of sell this idea to the people in charge of the ship initially, and when there are loads of people there, she gets invited back when the ship is kind of going through a refit to kind of do her piece on it. And you just kind of think that it doesn’t really make sense how she gets back there.

It almost feels like you’re missing something. Why did she and Joel Fry go back? And then they get there, and loads and loads of creepy stuff start happening.

It just feels like they think the best way to sell this film at this point is just trying to give us creepy stuff now and again, like hands coming out of phones, bodies coming out of pools, and all that kind of stuff. And you just kind of thinking, where’s this coming from? It just feels like they’re just trying to think, “OK, we need to get some scary scenes in here to kind of warrant this being a horror.”

The Past Story Was More Interesting

For me, I think the film probably would have worked better if it had forgotten about the present-day stuff and just focused on the ship back in the 30s. I found that story much more interesting. It was visually more impressive and more interesting to look at. The characters were more interesting, and there was just more to look at visually and enjoy the sights and the sounds and stuff.

Haunting Of The Queen Mary Ending Explained
Alice Eve as Anne Calder (Credits: Vertigo Films)

Like I said it was, it was really good for a Shining vibe, and for me, it worked. The spooky stuff here was a little bit more subtle in its approach to how this guy loses his mind sort of thing and goes on a killing spree.

It’s to the present-day stuff where it just feels like they’re going for just the Cliches. The haunted house cliches constantly, the lights going off and everything dark and weird things happening and ghosties and hands coming out of phones and all that kind of stuff. And it just felt very tired and very forced for the present-day stuff.

So it’s a very unbalanced film. It’s better than I expected if I’m honest. I thought it was really going to be, you know, a law fair, low-budget affair, and it isn’t.

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