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Ounces are a familiar thing to people who often cook or bake. Measuring ounces in a cup is usually used to measure ingredients properly. Then, how many ounces are in one cup?

It’s important to measure the ounces in a cup, but not everyone understands this. To make it easier for you, here’s a complete explanation of the meaning of ounces and how to calculate how many ounces are in one cup.

Know What is an Ounce

Ounce is an absorption word from English, namely ounce. Like grams or kilograms, the ounce is a basic measure of weight that is also used to measure ingredients. However, the ounce actually comes from the Latin, namely uncia, which means units and is equivalent to 1/12 Roman pounds, and was used as a standard for measuring weight, both solid and liquid in England. Meanwhile, the application of ounces to measure weight in Indonesia is derived from the Dutch colonial era.

The application of ounces to measure solid and liquid objects is also used in Western countries, including the United States. The ounce is also known by various names in Europe, namely onza in Italy and oz in Spain. In addition, the system that regulates ounces in each country is not the same, starting from 27.4 grams in Italy to 100 grams in the Netherlands.

How Many Ounces are in a Cup?

The number of ounces per cup varies from country to country. For example, the UK has a value of 280 ml or the equivalent of 8.45 ounces, Australia and Canada is worth 250 ml, and the United States is worth 240 ml or the equivalent of 8.45 ounces. Meanwhile, the ounce system in Indonesia was inherited from the Netherlands, namely 1 kg = 10 ounces.

Then, how many ounces are needed for one cup? The answer depends on the size of the cup applied. For example, the United States consists of three types of glass, namely small, medium, and large. With details, the size of a small coffee cup is 6 ounces (oz), the size of a medium coffee cup is 8 ounces (oz), and the size of a large coffee cup is 10 ounces (oz).

However, some types of cup in the United States apply a cup size equivalent to 5 ounces (oz). Meanwhile, the standard for measuring liquids follows the British Unit System, namely 28.413 ml and 29.573 ml. For modern coffee cups, such as Starbucks, the measurements also vary, starting from the smallest 12 ounces, to the largest 31 ounces.

Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, you also need to ensure the size of the cup used. If the cup used is 240 ml, then it’s 8 ounces worth. If you want to convert 1 ounce (oz) to grams, multiply by 28.35 grams or 100 grams (Indonesian and Dutch).

If you want to convert 1 ounce to grams, multiply by 28.335 grams according to International Standards or 100 grams according to Indonesian and Dutch standards.

That’s a complete description of how many ounces are in one cup. Understanding these measurements is important for professionals who deal with measuring ingredients and require a high degree of accuracy, for example cooks or chef.

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