How to Add Workouts to a Fitbit

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How to Add Workouts to a Fitbit

Did you run a few miles with your Fitbit on, but the app isn’t recording it? Even if you are still getting physical benefits, your progress may be imprecise and report inaccurately.

In this article, we’ll talk about adding workouts to your Fitbit so you don’t work out for nothing.

How to Add Exercises to Fitbit History

If your Fitbit hasn’t correctly logged your activity or workout, you can add it directly to the app for processing. While you won’t get exact measurements like on an app, duration or distance can provide an estimate of calorie loss.

Here’s how to do it:

Launch the Fitbit app. Tap “Today” at the bottom (sometimes labeled Dashboard, depending on app version).
Select the day you want to add a workout by swiping up top. Tap the “+” icon in the exercise area to add an exercise.
Find and select the correct exercise from the list (or select “Workout” if you can’t find it).
Enter time, distance, intensity, or duration.
Select “Add” or “Log It” to confirm.

This allows your app to recalculate your progress based on more accurate information.

Adding Custom Workouts on Fitbit

The Fitbit app has some 20-odd workout options (next to the obscure “Workouts”), but the watch itself only lists a few shortcuts you can tap directly to start a workout. If you want to change some of these shortcuts, you can do it in the app. Here’s how:

Open the app and go to “Today”.
Click the “Settings” icon in the top left corner.
Select the device you are currently using.
Tap “Training Shortcut.”
Press the “+” icon to enter the menu shortcut.
Select the workout you want to register on your watch.
Confirm your options.

If your workout isn’t listed as an option in the Fitbit app, you can always create a custom activity and log it there. Follow these steps:

In the app, go to “Logs” then “Activity”.
Browse for the exercise you want to add. If nothing appears, select “Create custom activity.”
Determine how long this exercise usually lasts and how many calories are burned.
Tap “Activity Log.”

These workouts will be saved permanently, so you can choose a new category every time you work out. Whether you’re out surfing or doing flips on a trampoline, anything that burns calories can add to your Fitbit.

Start Your Workout on Fitbit

Once you’re ready to swim, run, or hula-hoop, here’s how you can start exercising with your Fitbit:

Launch your Fitbit.
Swipe left until you see a screen labeled “Practice” and select it.
Swipe up through all of the listed exercises and choose the one that you do.
Tap on “Start”. Or, if you want to change the workout length or duration, click “Set Goal” and tap “Play” to learn about your workout.

You are ready to go. Get sweaty knowing that every stair-climbing dog up and down will be registered to your account and ready for review.

Why Your Workout Wasn’t Added

Don’t hate it when your HIIT session isn’t recognized in your Fitbit app? Or when a leisurely stroll around the block doesn’t show up in your activity log?

It’s not your fault. Each tracker has customizable settings that can prevent your workouts from automatically appearing in your logbook. Try restarting your Fitbit, make sure it’s charged. For extra action, disable Bluetooth on your device and then enable it again.

If that doesn’t help, consider wearing your Fitbit a little higher on your wrist, so the sensor can pick up on your every move. If you like wrist-intensive workouts like cycling or lifting weights, try wearing your Fitbit on your non-dominant hand.

Five Ways to Get More Out of Your Fitbit

Here are five tips to maximize the effectiveness of your fitness tracker and get you in top form in no time.

Track Your Activity Progress

One way to get the most out of your Fitbit is to track your activity progress. Knowing how far you’ve come and what goals you need to work towards will keep you motivated and on track.

If you’re a data nerd, you’ll love Fitbit graphics. See if the number of calories you burn or the miles you run fluctuates over the weeks and months. Seeing how far you’ve come is often just the boost you need to keep pursuing your goals. As ridiculous as it may sound, the concept of a “numbers up” game can be addicting and lead you to upgrades.

Choose the Right Accessories

You can always beef up your Fitbit by pairing it with other high-tech accessories. Some of these smartwatches and bands include additional features like sleep analysis, so you’ll soon have more to upgrade.

Don’t forget to consider comfort when making your choice as some fabrics can cause skin irritation or discomfort during triathlon training.

Write an Action Plan

Creating an action plan can improve things when using your Fitbit more effectively. Whether your goal is weight loss or a faster marathon time, it will offer you a clear roadmap to the results you want. Research findings consistently show that when people articulate their goals preciselythey are more likely to follow through.

Try to break down the end goal into smaller achievable chunks to keep your motivation strong along the way. Indicate as many specifics as possible. Goals such as getting up early every morning or adding an extra serving of vegetables at meals are good examples of progress and can be achieved in all small ways.

Consider a Trainer or Coach

If creating your own action plan is too much or you’re worried about losing motivation, get a professional on your side. They have the expertise to interpret your charts and data and refine your workouts accordingly. Fitbit can encourage you to exercise more and allow you to see your progress. It’s even more effective when paired with a real-life coach.

A trainer or nutritionist can be the key to seeing big progress on your fitness or weight loss journey. Fitbit will show them your strengths as well as any areas where you are lacking. This means they can tailor your workouts and modify your diet to suit your needs. As comfortable and sophisticated as Fitbit is, it won’t be there to see you under the bench press or pull-up bar.

Share Your Progress

The final tip for getting the most out of your Fitbit has to do with motivation. Sharing your Fitbit results on Instagram or Twitter will lead you into a community of other fitness junkies. Plus, you’ll want to keep breaking your records on the track or in the pool so you can show off the progress you’re making.

Use Fitbit to Meet All Your Fitness Goals

Now that you know how to add exercises, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a high-flying gymnast or Karate black belt.

Remember to use Fitbit data analytics to monitor major trends in your activity. You don’t want to miss any exercise as you imagine your progress line dropping to the ground. Write down your weekly goals to stay focused on success with tangible results in sight. Then go ahead and break the record.

Do you already have a Fitbit? What are your fitness goals for this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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