How to AirPlay From iPhone to Samsung TV

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AirPlay is a wireless communication protocol that lets you watch, listen to, or share content from your Apple device with other AirPlay-enabled devices.

Since the introduction of AirPlay on iOS version 4.2 (back in 2010), every iPhone now comes with AirPlay. However, if you want to AirPlay from your iPhone to a Samsung TV, the TV must also be AirPlay compatible.

In this article, I will first cover how to check AirPlay compatibility on a Samsung TV and then describe the process to AirPlay from your iPhone.

First, Configure AirPlay on your Samsung TV

Samsung states that the AirPlay feature is only available on their select TV models manufactured after 2018.

If you’re unsure of your TV model, there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need your TV’s model number to set up AirPlay. Just look for the AirPlay setting on your TV and enable it, if one is available.

First, go to the home screen of your Samsung TV. Just press Home button on the remote to do it. Open Arrangement from the lower left corner of the TV screen. Go down to the menu Connection . Note that you must open the menu Generalif you have a TV from the 2018-2021 model. Move to the right and tap Apple AirPlay settings. Press the button OK button on your remote to activate AirPlay. Select an option Require Code Now. Select an option First Time Only. AirPlay is now successfully configured on your Samsung TV.

Start AirPlay From iPhone to Samsung TV

Once you have enabled AirPlay on your Samsung TV, you can then start AirPlaying from your iPhone. While whole-screen AirPlaying is recommended to duplicate everything on the iPhone screen, you can also share just certain photo, video, or music files.

But before anything else, make sure you connect your iPhone and Samsung TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Whole Screen AirPlay

Open Control Center your iPhone. Choose screen mirroring icon. Then choose Samsung TVs You. Pay attention to the pairing code displayed on the TV screen. Enter the code and tap OK on your iPhone. iPhone will now AirPlay the entire screen to your Samsung TV. Tap Stop mirroring to stop screen mirroring.

AirPlay Photos or Videos

Open the app Photo . Navigate to the image or album you want to AirPlay and open it. Select an option Share. Choose AirPlay. Select your Samsung TV. Pair your iPhone with the TV using a pairing code. You’re ready to use AirPlay photos from your iPhone now. While AirPlaying your photos, you can see them on your TV and iPhone screens. However, AirPlaying videos will only display them on your TV screen. To stop playing the video, tap this icon. Choose Turn off AirPlay.

AirPlay Music

Open Control Center while you’re still playing music on iPhone. Select a tile Music Control. Now tap AirPlay Audio icon This. Select your Samsung TV in the section Speakers & TVs. You will now start listening to music from your Samsung TV. Just tap AirPlay Audio icon again to stop playing it on your TV. Notes: As previously discussed, owning a Samsung TV earlier than the 2018 model will not allow you to AirPlay from your iPhone. In such a case, you can use a casting app like AirDroid Cast to do what is necessary. Alternatively, you can also use an express digital AV adapter, if you have one.


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