How to Arrange a Meal Schedule to Fatten the Body Read Now

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Everyone’s ability to fatten the body can vary. This is triggered by a number of things, such as metabolism, which is also different. To overcome this, you are advised to change your diet by arranging an eating schedule to fatten your body.

The purpose of making a meal schedule for fattening the body is to accelerate weight gain effectively. However, you should consult your doctor before adopting any eating schedule. Then, how do you arrange a meal schedule to fatten the body? Here’s more information.

Know the Meal Schedule for Fattening Body

In order to gain weight quickly, the following is a meal schedule for fattening the body that can be applied:

  • Breakfast (07.00-08.00 am): Toast and scrambled eggs added butter. Also complete with half a glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Morning snacks (9am-10am): Nutritious snacks, such as high-calorie smoothies and filling fruit juices.
  • Lunch (12:00pm-1:00pm): High-calorie foods, such as french fries, burgers, and milkshakes chocolate.
  • Afternoon snack (15.00-16.00 pm): Fruit, eg banana with peanut butter.
  • Dinner (7pm-8pm): Foods high in protein and calories, for example broccoli, salmon, rice and milk.
  • Evening snack: Dark chocolateyogurt, whole wheat bread, cheese, peanut butter and potatoes.

Other Tips for Gaining Weight

In order for optimal results, there are various other efforts that can be applied, namely:

  • If the weight does not go up, you should take supplements and fattening drinks or shakes body fattening high in calories, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • It is better not to drink water before eating. This triggers a full stomach and inhibits the absorption of calories needed to fatten the body.
  • To increase calories, you should use a large plate. With a large plate, automatically many calories that enter the body. Meanwhile, small plates risk reducing incoming calories.
  • Increase calories by drinking pure milk, which can also quench thirst.
  • Good quality sleep is important for accelerating muscle growth and body fattening.
  • When drinking coffee, you should mix cream to increase the calories.
  • Use of muscle supplements creatine monohydrate to train muscle strength.
  • Do not smoke, because it can lead to weight instability, for example underweight (underweight) and overweight (obesity).
  • Start by eating protein and calories first, then continue with vegetables.

Various drug products and body fattening supplements are sold freely. However, not all are safe for health. Therefore, you need to be careful before using it. Find out more about the benefits or intended use, and use products that are registered with BPOM.

To be safe for health, you should discuss with your doctor before using any supplements or drugs for body fattening. Keep in mind, the use of drugs or supplements must be balanced with a healthy diet and exercise to increase body weight in a healthy manner.

If you have applied the tips for fattening the body above, but you are not gaining weight, you should discuss it with a nutritionist to examine the cause. That way, a nutritionist can recommend a certain healthy diet or prescribe medications according to your condition.

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