How to Block Messages on iMessage

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How to Block Messages on iMessage

If you have an Apple device, you are bound to receive unsolicited messages. This might be from people you know who you don’t want to message, or people you don’t know and businesses you haven’t heard of before.

If you get unwanted messages on iMessage and want to stop them, you have the option to block them. This article will help you learn how to block unwanted messages and spam in iMessage.

How to Block Messages on iMessage

Everyone using a mobile device is receiving annoying messages from someone they don’t know. don’t know or from someone they don’t want to receive messages from. Fortunately, you can block them. Here’s what you need to do:

Open the Messages app.
Open the text message you want to block.
Click the number or contact that you want to block.
Select the “Info” icon.
Click the right arrow next to the contact, then select “Block This Caller”.
Press “Block Contact” again to confirm the person you want to block.

How to Mute Spam Messages

You may receive messages from relatives and friends that you do not want to receive. But because you can mute them, you don’t have to completely block them to stop receiving their messages. Here’s what you need to do:

Find the message or group that you want to disable.
Swipe right and select “Mute”.
Long press the message thread and select “Hide Alert”.
You can ring the thread by swiping on the bell icon and clicking the “Activate” button.

How to Filter Spam Messages

Did you know that you can filter the messages you receive from people you don’t know? Just follow these steps:

Open the “Settings” application.
Open “Messages.”
Click “Message Filter” then “Unknown & Spam”. Turn on the toggle for “Unknown Senders Filter”.

How to Block Spam Messages

You can block texts from specific phone numbers, because Apple can’t detect all spam messages. Here’s how:

Open the messaging app.
Open the spam message thread that you want to block.
Click the profile icon then select “info.”
Select “Block This Caller” then “Block Contact”.

How to Use Third Party Apps to Stop Spam Messages

While there are third-party apps you can use to block texts, Apple uses its own SMS filter. TrueCaller is one such application. This software is used to identify and prevent unwanted calls or texts. It can also expose caller IDs that are not stored on your phone.

How to Install TrueCaller

You can download TrueCaller for free from the app store on your device. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, and is available to purchase as a premium subscription. Visit Apple Stores to download apps for Apple devices. Open Google Play to download applications for Android devices.

How to Block Messages on TrueCaller

To block contacts that are already on your phone, follow these steps:

Open the TrueCaller application.
Go to “Contacts”.
Find the contact you want to block and click on their profile.
Select “Block”.
Answer the questions in the pop-up box. Select “Block.”

To block contacts that aren’t already on your phone, follow these steps.

Open the TrueCaller application.
Go to “Blocking”.
Find “Manually Block Someone” and select “Phone Number”.
Enter the name and phone number of the person you want to block.
Click “Block”.

You can block someone by name if you don’t know their phone number, but doing so will also block other people who might share their name. Also, you can block calls from specific countries or number ranges.

How to Unblock a Number on TrueCaller

If you want to unblock someone on the app, here are the steps to follow:

Open the app and go to the “Blocking” section.
Find the “Block Someone Manually” section and click “Manage Block List.”
Press the minus sign next to the person you want to unblock.

How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked

You can determine whether someone has blocked you on iMessage, if one of the following applies to you:

You won’t see “Read” or “Delivered” under the messages you send them. Your message bubble will be green, meaning the message was sent via SMS and not iMessage. This means they have blocked you from sending them messages, not necessarily that you have been blocked. If you have been blocked, then you will not get any SMS from that person. You get an “Unsent” message under the SMS you sent to the person who has blocked you.

How to Unblock Messages

If you want to unblock messages, use the following steps:

Open the “Settings” application.
Click on “Order.”
Select “Blocked Contacts.”
Swipe left on the list then select “Unblock.”

How to Protect Yourself and Limit Spam

The following actions you can take in addition to blocking phone numbers to keep you safe and reduce the amount of spam you receive.

Limit the personal information you share online Update your iPhone software as soon as they are available Use random passwords to reduce the risk of your accounts being hacked Use multi-factor authentication for important accounts Use a trusted VPN when on the web Don’t send personal information to someone you don’t know


What happens if you block messages in iMessage?

When you block someone, you won’t see any delivery status and their message bubble will be green.

What happens to blocked incoming messages?

You won’t receive it and the blocked person won’t receive a notification telling them they’ve been blocked.

Can you still view blocked messages?

No. You can’t see any messages after you block someone or yourself are blocked. However, you can unblock that person and continue receiving messages from them.

What is a spam message?

These are unsolicited messages you receive, whether they come from spammers posing as people or businesses or simply messages you don’t want to receive.

Protect Your Privacy

Nobody likes receiving random messages from individuals or companies they have never interacted with before. You may feel guilty, but there are some people’s texts we shouldn’t be receiving. By blocking numbers, you can potentially protect yourself from toxic people and risky situations.

Have you ever used the iMessage block feature? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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