How to Cancel My Spectrum Account

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Spectrum is known for providing affordable phone, TV and Internet service plans to its customers. However, you might think about canceling your subscription if you move to a new place, get a better deal, or no longer want one.

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your Spectrum account online, so it can be quite a challenge to get the job done.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process step by step and some additional tips that will help speed up the process.

Check Billing Report

First things first. You should always check your billing statement online before canceling your Spectrum account.

Check the next payment due date and make sure you cancel your account before that date. If not, you must make full payments for the next month. For example, if your subscription renews on the 15th of every month, cancel before the 14th to avoid additional fees.

Similarly, verify whether there are arrears. Remove all dues at the time of cancellation and ask for a final receipt. Always store receipts safely.

Notes: You do not need to pay any cancellation fees to cancel your Spectrum account.

Contact the Account Cancellation Department

Canceling a Spectrum account requires you to visit a Spectrum store or call their hotline number (833) 267-6094.

I recommend that you place a phone call on the same number associated with your Spectrum account. This way, customer service agents will have quick access to your details. The agent may ask for your personal details such as your Spectrum account number and security code.

You can pick it up quickly from Arrangement > your info > Login & Security Info after logging into the Spectrum online portal.


While you are on the phone, the customer service agent will ask you the reason for calling. Just say, “Service change”.

After that, you will be presented with several menus to choose from. Listen to the “Delete service” and confirm to start the cancel process.

The agent will now transfer your call to the retention department. They will try to retain you with offers and discounts on your current plan.

Avoid them all and tell them directly that you want to cancel your account.

Meet a Spectrum Representative in person

Many Spectrum customers report that the phone system is purposely complicated, so they will give up on calls and reverse the decision to cancel their account.

If you are also fed up with phone calls, you can visit your nearest Spectrum store and request a cancellation. It will be much quicker than canceling over the phone.

Make sure you take all rental equipment with you when visiting the store.

Tip: You can also use a subscription & fee manager platform like Rocket Money to easily cancel your Spectrum account. It can be very helpful if you can’t cancel from a phone call, or visiting a Spectrum store.

Return Rental Equipment

You must return any rented equipment, such as a DVR, router, or modem to Spectrum immediately after canceling your account. You can leave it at your nearest Spectrum store or have UPS ship it to Spectrum.

If the equipment does not make it to a Spectrum shop in any way, you may be responsible for having it replaced. So, the best way is to return the equipment yourself and get an equipment return receipt.

When you plan to return the equipment, retain evidence that the device has no physical defects—perhaps pictures or videos of the device operating.

Keep Receipt Intact

Save any cancellation receipts, equipment return receipts, or any cancellation confirmation emails for the future.

You can show it as evidence if any discrepancies arise later. Furthermore, I also suggest that you note down the date, time, and name of the customer service agent you spoke with.

If available, also request a reference number for your phone calls.

How After Canceling Account?

Once you have canceled your account, access the Spectrum online portal after a few days and verify that you have not been charged any additional fees.

If you’re thinking about subscribing to Spectrum again sometime soon, you can do it hassle-free at no extra cost.


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