How to Change the Default Graphics Card in Windows 11

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@media(min-width:0px){}On multi-GPU systems, Windows 11 lets you change the default GPU for any app or game so you can prioritize performance or battery life.

By default, Windows 11 automatically decides which graphics card to use for apps or games. For example, on my laptop I have two GPUs—a dedicated graphics card and an integrated graphics card. Depending on the application, Windows 11 automatically selects the best GPU for the use case. For example, if the app is a game, Windows 11 will choose to use a dedicated graphics card for better performance.


However, sometimes Windows 11 chooses the wrong one or you may want to change the default options for better performance or battery life. In such situations, you have the option to manually specify which graphics card the app should use using the Settings app.

In this guide, let me show you how to make apps use a specific graphics card in Windows 11.

Changing the default graphics card in Windows 11

To set the default graphics card, use the steps described below:

Open Arrangement. Open tabs System in sidebars. Click/tap an option Show. Scroll down and click/tap on Options Chart. Choose application type from the drop-down Add application. Press the button Explore. Select an application or application exe files. Click/tap the button Option. Select one of the options below to select GPU.Power saving High performancePress the button Save.

Let’s see these steps in detail:@media(min-width:0px){}

Open Arrangement. You can do this by clicking the Start button and searching for Settings, or by pressing Windows key + I on your keyboard. In the Settings window, find and click/tap the tab System in the sidebar. This action will open System settings.


Under System settings, click/tap an option Appearance. It should be listed on the right pane. Next, scroll down the Display settings page until you find the option Graphic under the Related Settings section. Click/tap to access chart settings.

Under Graphics settings, you will see a drop-down menu Add application. Choose application type corresponding from the drop-down. If the app was downloaded from the Microsoft Store, select the Microsoft Store app option. Otherwise, select the Desktop application option. After that, click the button Browse and select an application.

After selecting the application, click it Options button. Next, select one of the options below to select the default GPU for the application and press the button Save.

Power saving: It uses the integrated GPU and provides better battery life at the expense of performance. This option is useful if you value battery backup time over performance.High performance: Using a discrete GPU (dedicated graphics card). Provides better performance at the cost of battery backup time and power consumption. This option is useful for demanding applications such as games and 3D applications.

There he is. With that, you’ve changed the default GPU that apps should use in Windows 11.

If you want reset and let Windows 11 choose which graphics card to use, select Options “Let Windows decide“ after clicking the Options button.

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helps you.

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