How to Control the Volume on Your Amazon Fire Stick

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How to Control the Volume on Your Amazon Fire Stick

Trying to manage a remote in 2022 feels like trying to handle bills. Fortunately, if you use your Fire Stick to stream your favorite shows and movies, you can do it yourself to cut down on the number of remote controls and game controllers that may be flooding your living room.

Depending on which model of Fire Stick you have, you may have a remote that already controls your volume. If not, that’s fine too. In this guide, you will see all the options you have for controlling how your Fire Stick works to change the volume. Let’s start!

Use Firestick Remote to Control TV Volume

Starting with the Fire Stick 4K, Amazon started equipping the Fire remote with a volume rocker, mute button, and power switch for your TV. Regardless, you may not have a television equipped to handle inputs.

If you’re trying to make the Firestick remote work for your TV volume, make sure your TV supports High-Definition Multimedia Interface-Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) and that your Fire Stick is connected to a CEC-compatible port.

For anyone else who doesn’t have an Amazon Fire TV volume-equipped remote, here’s some good news: You can buy the latest version available from Amazon without having to buy a new set. Amazon sells the remotes individually, and the newer release works with all Fire Sticks and most other Fire devices except for early Fire TV boxes or TVs with Fire OS built in.

Pairing Firestick Remote for Volume Control

Pairing your new remote with your Fire Stick is really easy, and it can also help if you have an unresponsive remote. Here’s how to do it.

Stand Home button on your Firestick remote to log in Arrangementor navigate to it from Main Screen.
Hover right and select Equipment Control.
Choose tv from menus; if this is the first time you have connected your device, menu Manage Equipment it will look like this.
A new screen opens. you will be asked, What brand of TV do you have?Choose the appropriate brand. Press Power button on your remotes. This action turns off the TV. Wait for ten seconds, then press again Power button. TV turns back on. you will be asked, Does your TV turn off and then back on when you press the Power button? Choose Yes if it succeed. You may need to try and pair the remote a few times for it to work. Next, try turning up the volume. The device is playing music so you can check it out. If the volume changes, click it Yes. Otherwise, vote No and try the setup process again. Follow the prompts to end setup.

Some people have reported having to go through the remote setup process at least three times for it to work, so be patient and try a few times. Not to bore you with a few details on how it works, but the remote basically scans and tunes itself to match the frequency the TV’s IR receiver is using.

Fire Stick device owners who have the 2nd generation Alexa remote can also control the volume via voice commands. Press the Mic button on your remote and tell Alexa to increase or decrease the volume.

Using Alexa to Control TV Volume

Do not forget; if you don’t have a Fire TV Stick 4K remote that supports volume control, you can still use the Echo device to ask Alexa to turn the volume up or down. Of course, you also have an Alexa remote to talk to whenever needed. It won’t work on every television, but if your device supports CEC, you should be able to control the volume without the remote at all.

Troubleshooting Firestick Volume Control

While Firestick and most Amazon products work fine, hiccups do happen. So, what happened, and what should you do about it? Let’s look at some troubleshooting steps to get your volume working.

First, if your volume control isn’t working, replace the batteries in your Firestick remote. While this may seem too easy, it is the first thing you want to check. Next, check if nothing is blocking your Fire TV or Firestick. If the remote doesn’t cooperate, there may be a signal problem. Remove any items, dirt or dust that might be blocking the signal. If the battery is good and there are no obstructions blocking the signal, you can restart the Firestick or change the HDMI port (make sure you are using the HDMI-CEC port). Finally, if that doesn’t work, you can factory reset your Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your questions about Firestick.

What is HDMI-CEC?

If you’re not familiar with the ports on TVs, most newer TVs support HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Basically, the HDMI-CEC port supports one remote to control all your devices.

However, not all TV manufacturers refer to this port as ‘HDMI-CEC’. For example, Philips lists its port as EasyLink, and Sony lists its port as BRAVIA Link. It’s a good idea to consult your TV’s manual for the best port to use with your Firestick.

In closing, the ability to control your TV volume from the Fire TV Stick remote is simple, as long as you have the correct remote (4K Firestick or later). But don’t worry if you have an older Firestick model. You can talk to your Echo Dot, use the microphone button to ask Alexa, or upgrade your remote from your old Firestick.

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