How to Delete All Comments on YouTube

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How to Delete All Comments on YouTube

To say that YouTube comments have a bad reputation on the internet is an understatement. They tend to be seen as seditious, rude, and useless.

If you’re lucky, you can have valuable discussions on YouTube. You can find thoughtful or touching discussions about the videos you like. Some channels have an enthusiastic and dedicated community of commenters.

However, it’s all too easy to get into useless arguments on this platform. You are likely to meet people who argue in bad faith. Violent language is hard to avoid. There are also a large number of marketing bots that leave irrelevant comments.

All in all, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are tired of YouTube comments. If you experience this, you may want to delete all comments made on this platform, or if you are a content creator, you may delete comments that other people have left on your channel.

Step Away From Every Comment You’ve Ever Made on YouTube

You can delete comments left on any YouTube channel easily. The one exception is comments made before Google took over YouTube in 2006.

How do you view and delete your comments? Here are two approaches you can take.

Use your Comment History

To view every comment you have made on this site, access your YouTube Comment History page.

To delete a single comment, do the following:

Find comments in your history. Choose Other (Horizontal Three Dots Icon). Choose Wipe.
Confirm that you want to delete permanently.

Unfortunately, there is no option to bulk delete comments from your history. If you want to delete everything you’ve ever said on this platform, you either have to either continue to do so in each of your comments or choose a different approach and make some changes to your channel.

Hide Your Channel

YouTube gives you the option to hide your channel. This is a temporary measure, and hides your content, your name, and your subscriptions and likes. You can reactivate the channel at any time. Hiding your channel doesn’t affect anything you do with your Google account on other platforms.

But when you go through this process, there are unexpected advantages. All comments you’ve ever made are deleted. Unlike the other changes, this deletion is permanent.

Enough to hide your channel for a few minutes. When you turn it back on, all your previous comments will disappear. What steps should you take to hide your YouTube channel?

Sign in to YouTube. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you’re signed in with the correct one. Click Your profile. Select your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen.
Click Advanced Account.
Scroll down and select Delete channel. When you select this option, you may need to re-enter your Google account address and password. Clicking this button will not permanently delete your channel.
Choose I want to hide my channel. On some versions of YouTube, the same option may be labeled “I want to hide my content”.
I want to hide my channel. Once you click this, YouTube will show you exactly what you can expect if you hide your channel. Check each option on the list. The listing notes that comments made directly with Google+ will not be deleted. But other than that, hiding your channel will permanently delete all your YouTube comments from all channels. Your likes and subscriptions are only temporarily hidden. After you’ve gone through the checklist, click it Hide MY CHANNEL.

This is all you have to do to get rid of your comments. Now it’s time to reactivate your account:

Entered into YouTube with your Google Account. Open Create Channels. Follow this URL: out the form.

Make sure you didn’t click To use a business name or something else, click here. After all, you don’t want to create a whole new channel.

This process should restore your channel. After this you can make your video viewable from Video Manager.

Deleting Comments Made By Others

If you’re a content creator, we recommend taking advantage of YouTube’s comment moderation options. You can control the types of comments allowed on your channel. For example, you can filter anything that includes outgoing links or hashtags.

What if you want to delete other people’s comments on your channel?

Just choose three dots icon next to comments. You can choose to report the commenter for inappropriate content, or you can hide the comment from the channel.

Click Wipe to delete the comment, and note that this causes all responses to that comment to disappear as well.

Report Comment

So what can you do if you’re not the original commenter or the video owner? If there is content on YouTube that violates the company’s community guidelines, you can file a report. After investigation, the comment can be deleted or not.

Search for videos and reveal comments. Tap it three vertical dots.Choose Report from the pop-up menu. Choose one of the following options. Tap Report in the bottom corner of the pop-up.

Here are your options for reporting content:

Unsolicited advertising, content or spamPornography or explicit materialHateful or Vulgar SpeechHarassment or intimidation

You may not have the same options for deleting a comment as if you were the sender, but YouTube is working to protect others from speech harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find all my YouTube Comments?

Your YouTube comments can be hard to find if you’re not familiar with YouTube’s interface. But once you know how to find them, it’s pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Open it YouTube and login to your account.

2. Click on three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Then, click History.

3. Click Comment on the right side.

This will open a new web page where you can see all the comments you have posted on the platform.

How do I find all the comments on my channel?

Having your own YouTube channel is exciting. But it’s also a lot of work. YouTube does have very strict community guidelines, which means you have to monitor what other people are commenting on as well as the content you publish.

To find comments on your channel, follow these steps:

1. Log into your YouTube account and click three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

2. Click Your videos.

Now, you will see a list of comments. If you need to delete a comment, follow the steps above to delete it.

If I delete my YouTube account, will all my comments be lost?

Yes. If you feel the need to quickly delete every interaction you’ve had with YouTube (including comments, likes, and subscriptions), you can delete your entire account.

However, this may not be the best solution because you will lose all your YouTube videos, but also all the videos you have liked.

If you need help, delete your YouTube accountsee this article.

Final Thoughts

Deleting your own commenting account is a great way to make a fresh start on YouTube. Deleting embarrassing or too personal comments you made years ago can be an overwhelming feeling. Remember that these platforms are much easier to use when you control your own experience and limit the number of people you interact with.

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