How to Find Redstone in Minecraft

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How to Find Redstone in Minecraft

Redstone is one of the most versatile materials in Minecraft. Whether you want to manipulate water, create stunning decorations, or customize existing constructions, this item is your best friend.

But before you can use Redstone, you must work on it first. This article will show you how to do it.

How to Find Redstone in Minecraft

Freedom and flexibility permeate every aspect of Minecraft, including item farming. Many items can be found in several locations, and Redstone is no different in this regard.

You can try several methods to obtain this all-important element, such as looting chests, trading Redstone dust, killing wizards, and mining Redstone Ore. Visiting temples and caves is another viable alternative. Here are the details of each solution.

Mining Redstone Ore

Mining is the most important way to find almost anything in Minecraft, including Redstone. You’ll need to go deep enough into the ground to reach bedrock or lava, which means Redstone is nearby. From there, take out your Pickaxe and start mining:

Point your pickaxe at the block where you want to start mining.
Use the pickaxe in a straight line and at a 45-degree downward angle.

For each lower block you remove, be sure to remove additional blocks to speed up your mining.
Once you find a block containing Redstone, start mining Redstone Ore. After mining four Redstone Ore, you will receive Redstone Dust, which is the building block of some of Minecraft’s most impressive projects.

Visit the Caves

Mining is available almost anywhere, but it is time consuming. Finding deep caves can be a quicker way to loot some Redstone.

Explore your biome in search of caves.
Find a cave deep enough for redstone (e.g., one containing lava ). If you only need a few seconds to reach the bottom, you may need a deeper cave.
Start digging with a pickaxe until you find Redstone. Don’t forget to place torches on the walls to prevent enemies from appearing and interrupting your digging.

Loot Chests

The easiest way to find Redstone is to loot chests. Minecraft is famous for its wealth of chests, so you can find them in almost every corner. However, there are certain hotspots in the blocky region where you are more likely to find Redstone:

Woodland Mansion – Find the Cartographer’s Villagers and get the Woodland Explorer’s Map to find this area faster. Village – Explore the world on foot or type the command “/locate village” to find a Village. Stronghold – Get the Eye of Ender and cast it. Follow wherever he goes to find a closed Stronghold. A faraway stronghold will send the Eye flying upwards. Mineshaft – Go down into the cave and navigate the tunnels until you find the Mineshaft. Dungeon – Jump into the cave and head down until you reach a dungeon. You’ll know when you’ve found it if there are lots of boulders or mossy boulders in the area.

Getting to these places is the hard part. Finding the crates is the easy part as there are plenty of them in this area. Whenever you find one, loot it for a much-needed boost to your inventory. Keep in mind that you may not find Redstone on your first outing, so you may need to do some grinding to get your hands on this elusive item.

Killing Witches

Many different enemies can drop Redstone on death, but Wizards are probably the most common enemies you can kill for this element. Even so, they are quite difficult to beat as they can utilize a variety of attacks to get the best of you. To make matters worse, they consumed a Healing and Speed ​​Potion, which drastically increased their speed and health bar.

But don’t worry, these tips will help you defeat even the strongest Wizards:

Prefers ranged combat – Equip a bow and make some arrows before the battle is prepared. Also, stand 11 blocks away from the Witch as this is where the enemies start consuming speed potions. Attack him from here as he is helpless while drinking Potions. Equip solid armor – Wear your best armor to avoid taking heavy damage during the fight. Bring lots of food – Put some food in your inventory, so you can heal if the Witch breaks through your armor. Plus, food leveled the playing field, as it neutralized the gains he had made with Healing Potions. Don’t forget Milk – Drink Milk every time the Witch casts a spell on you and causes a negative effect. Not only negates this ability, but also nutritious.

There’s no need to be afraid of meeting the next Witch. Take your time, keep a safe distance and monitor your health bar. If all goes well, you will outlast this formidable opponent and take Redstone as soon as he loses.

Exploring the Forest Temple

The Forest Biome is one of the most amazing areas in Minecraft. The landscape is stunning, and you can meet hordes of interesting units. More importantly, this area is home to the Temple, which is famous for its high presence of Redstone.

You’ll have no trouble tracking down the Redstone in the Forest Temple:

Explore the biomes until you find a cobblestone structure. They are made entirely of cobblestone or have several mossy stone blocks.
Enter the Shrine and continue your journey. Don’t walk down the aisle. Instead, stay close to the walls to avoid getting hit by the various Dispensers throughout the Shrine.
Keep exploring the Shrine until you find a Redstone. In most cases, Redstone connects the Dispensers and Tripwires. So whenever you come across a Dispenser, see if there is a red line behind it. If so, mine the block with the red line to get the desired item.

Trade with Redstone

If you’re not up for mining adventures or fierce battles, trading with Redstone may be your best bet. You can buy this item from the Priest at Villages. Instead of Redstone, you will need to stock up on Emerald, which is usually mined in Extreme Hills.

If you already have Emerald, it’s time to barter:

Find the village on foot. Find the high tower in the settlement. An Imam must be inside or outside the building. You can recognize Priests by their pink robes.
Right click Priest to check their collection.
If they have Redstone, place Emerald in your trading window. The Priestess will give you between two and four Redstones, depending on how many they have.

What Can You Do with Redstone?

The possibilities are practically endless with Redstone, you can:

Displace waterRaise bridgesMake rock lifting devicesSet up automatic doorsMake traps and lighting

Start Hunting Redstone

No need to delay your construction project due to shortage of redstone. With so many farming methods available, you can stock up on Redstone in no time. Choose your preferred method, and your backpack will soon be filled with this item.

Do you know any other way to find Redstone? What do you do most with Redstone? Is Redstone your favorite Minecraft building item? Let us know in the comments section below.

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