How to Fix a Black Screen on a Fire Tablet

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How to Fix a Black Screen on a Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets stand out in this category of devices thanks to their great features and attractive prices. But as much as technicians may praise them, they’re not immune to complications. One of the most common is a black screen, which stops everything.

This article looks at some of the causes of a black screen and how to fix them.

Fire Tablet Black Screen

A black screen usually indicates a system error. Errors can result from software, hardware, or power issues. This forces your operating system to shut down because it can no longer run efficiently. Sometimes, you may find that the sound is fine, but nothing is displayed.

So, what causes fire tablet black screen, and how to fix it? Let’s explore the causes and possible solutions in detail in the sections below.

Battery and Power Related Glitches

Below are four power-related problems causing Fire tablet black screen and their solutions.

1. Low Battery

A drained battery is a probable cause of a clear black screen. The device will not turn on and has most likely been turned off. This happens due to continuous use or applications left running in the background.

Recharging the battery can fix it quickly. Connect the charging cable to the tablet and plug it into a power outlet. Let it charge for at least an hour to see if it powers back up. If your tablet’s battery is flat, it may take up to 15 minutes for it to power up.

When charging properly, the indicator light on the power button gradually changes from red to orange and green when fully charged. The tablet will now turn on as expected.

2. Power Button Stuck

The tablet power button sometimes gets stuck from keeping pressed or debris gets into the device. That is, further pressing sends no signal to the internal power button.

You can solve this by removing the outer casing and removing the foreign object with tweezers. Alternatively, try pressing the power button repeatedly but slowly to get the dirt out.

3. Power Supply Problem

Many people may see a black screen and conclude that the problem is with the Fire tablet itself. Before assuming your tablet needs repair, check the charging system. Fire tablets are prone to charging issues.

Here are some power supply issues that can cause your Fire tablet screen to turn black and their fixes:

Incompatible or faulty charger: As obvious as it may seem, you may have connected your Fire tablet to the wrong charger. It drains the battery if you keep using your device. So always check that you have connected the right charger. Faulty charging port: This is a common problem among Fire tablet users. Continued use weakens the circuit connecting the battery and port. As a result, your device will fail to charge. The solution to this problem is to replace the charging port assembly. Electrical outlet issue: Sometimes, this can be a problem with your power source. You can try charging your phone. If it fails to charge, the problem may lie with the wall outlet.

4. Dead Battery

A dead Fire tablet battery means it can no longer hold a charge. You have to find an alternative. The first alternative is to buy a new battery. This can extend the life of your tablet. But it will cost the same as a new tablet. Not economical, right?

Another option is to see if you qualify for a replacement. If your warranty has not been exceeded and the problem is found to be a factory defect, you can return it to Amazon for a replacement.

Software Related Glitches

The main software issues that cause black screen on Fire tablets include:

1. Application Conflict

Not all applications on the web are legit. Some, especially those from third-party websites, can cause problems. They look good from the outside but can inject bugs and malware into your Fire tablet. They can force the operating system to display a black screen indefinitely. As a result, your device will fail to power on.

To solve this problem, you will have to reboot or force restart your device. To do so, press the “Power on/off” button for 40 to 45 seconds. If successful, you will see the Amazon logo, or the charging port LED will light up, depending on your device.

When you return to the screen, remember to uninstall third-party apps. To do this, do as follows:

Go to “App drawer” and find the apps which you have installed from unverified sources.
Go to “Games and Apps” and press “Library”.
Select the app you want to uninstall and click on the “Ellipse icon”.

2. Outdated Software

When was the last time you updated your Fire tablet software? If it’s old, your tablet’s operating system may not be compatible with newer software. This causes instability, freezes, regular crashes, and system crashes, which can manifest as a black screen.

To update your Fire tablet’s software, follow these simple steps:

Turn off your Fire tablet. Press and hold the “Volume up” button and the “Power on/off” button for 40 seconds until the tablet turns on. Release the “Power on/off” button but keep holding the “Volume up” button until you see “Installing device” latest software.” Wait for the installation to finish and open your tablet.

3. System Crash

Severe system crashes require drastic measures to restore your Fire tablet. Crashes may affect the operation of the system or applications. And that manifests in the screen regularly turning black.

You can solve this problem by updating the software (as discussed above) or factory resetting your Fire tablet. The latter is a strict method that wipes to power off all your data from your tablet. If you have important information that you haven’t backed up, we recommend trying another method first. You factory reset your Fire tablet as follows:

Turn off your Fire tablet
Press “Power” and “Volume down” simultaneously until Android recovery mode launches.
Use the “Volume up or down key” to scroll down to “Wipe data/factory reset.”
Use the “Power button” to click the command. This deletes all data and settings.
Click “Reboot system now” and go to “Home screen”.

Hardware Related Glitches

Hardware problem refer to the physical components of the tablet. Below are two hardware devices that cause Fire tablet black screen.

1. Loose Screen Connection

As solid as Fire tablets are, they are not immune to physical damage. If it is dropped or comes in contact with liquid, the connection cable may crack, loosen or burn. This affects the transmission of the display signal from the tablet’s motherboard to the display. Results? Black screen.

The solution to this problem is to seek professional assistance or contact Amazon customer support.

2. Damaged Screen Components

Damaged screen components such as backlight or LCD screen may cause a black screen. A malfunctioning LCD screen may display a flickering image or go completely black. On the other hand, a broken backlight can cause the screen to only appear dim.

If a component of the screen is damaged, having a professional repair it or install a replacement will solve the problem.

Fix Fire Tablet Black Screen

Fire tablet black screen issues are common and can stem from a variety of causes. Sometimes, the cause of the black screen may not be apparent. You will have to try different options to see if you can find it. Some you can fix quickly by restarting the device, updating the software, and removing the broken apps. If you can’t solve a black screen, seek professional help.

Have you ever experienced the black screen problem on your Fire Tablet? What’s the problem, and how do you fix it? Let us know in the comments below.

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