How to Get Quick Share on Windows 10/11 PC with CMD

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Do you want to use Quick Share on your Windows computer, but don’t know how to get it? Don’t worry this post will teach you how get Quick Share on Window 10/11 computers using command prompt.

For Samsung users, there is good news. Samsung QuickShare is now available for use on all Windows PCs, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

This software previously worked with Windows 10, and Windows 11, but only on Samsung laptops. Therefore, customers cannot install and use it on computers made by manufacturers other than Samsung. But starting today, you can use this software to quickly exchange files between your Samsung phone and your Windows PC.

Samsung QuickShare

A function called Samsung Quick Share can be used to send files, links, or text to other Galaxy smartphones. This is very similar to the Airdrop capability that Apple provides. However, only a few countries are lucky enough to be able to buy a Galaxy Book as Samsung doesn’t sell it everywhere. The majority of consumers are forced to use third-party methods to move their data between Windows laptops and Galaxy smartphones or tablets.

how to Get Quick Share on Windows 10/11 PC without Microsoft Store

So, here are the steps to download and install Quick Share on Windows 10/11 PC with CMD:

1. Open Command prompts.

Open Command prompt

2. Enter the following command into the Command Prompt window and hit enter afterwards:

winget install “Quick Share”

3. Accept the terms and conditions of the application when prompted. Wait for it to install after that. The amount of time it takes will be indicated by a blue progress bar, though at half a gigabyte the app isn’t huge and shouldn’t take long with a fast internet connection. Type Y and hit enter.

Type Y and hit enter.

4. Wait for the installation process.

5. When Quick Share is installed, a small pop-up notification will let you know. Choose Launch to open the application.


6. Sign in with samsung account You.

7. Finally, Quick Share was successfully installed on Windows 10/11 computers.

Update Windows OS and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi drivers to ensure smooth use of the feature. There may be limitations on all or certain service functions, depending on the manufacturer and model.

The majority of Windows laptops should work with Quick Share, however, sometimes there may be hardware limitations that prevent your laptop from supporting file sharing using Quick Share.

Just that. This is how you can get and use Quick Share on your Windows 10/11 PC with CMD. It’s much easier to use Quick Share to transfer files between your laptop and Galaxy devices than other third-party apps or just Telegram or WhatsApp.

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