How to Get Rengoku in Blox Fruit

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How to Get Rengoku in Blox Fruit

Rengoku is a highly coveted weapon in the world of “Blox Fruit”. This was a legendary rated “S” grade sword. In a game where you fight against pirates and marines, you must have the most powerful weapons to come out on top. Rengoku is one of the rare weapons that you have to get and make use of in Blox Fruits. Holding Rengoku allows you to deal significant damage to your enemies.

But it’s not easy to get this legendary sword. It is hidden in a room under the Ice Castle on the Second Sea. What’s more, you must reach at least level 1,350 to unlock the Ice Castle.

In this guide, you will learn how to get Rengoku in Blox Fruit.

How to Get Rengoku

There are two ways to get Rengoku. You can fight the Awakened Ice Admirals in the Ice Castle or fight the Arctic Soldiers or Snow Scouts in the Ice Castle Island. Either method will give you the Hidden key which will help you to unlock Rengoku. However, you should store the “S” level devil fruit properly to ensure that you stay strong and stay ready for battle.

Step 1 – Get the Hidden Key

The Risen Ice Admiral Route was the best chance of getting a Hidden Key at 5%, but he was a tough opponent. He’s a level 1,400 boss, so you’ll need to bring your A-game if you want to fight him. The easiest way to win is to hit him with a ranged move and run away to hide behind the castle walls. This will ensure that he cannot return fire while you continue your attack.

Talk to the Frost Quest Giver once you get to the Ice Castle to make him spawn. He will allow you to choose an opponent to get the Hidden Key.

Alternatively, you can go to Ice Castle Island and fight the NPC Artic Warrior or Snow Lurker. This method was much easier than facing the Awakened Ice Admiral, but the chance of getting the Hidden Key dropped to 0.5%.

Keep in mind that you may have to fight these enemies (or bosses if you go that route) a few times before you finally get the key.

Also, NPCs and Awakened Ice Admirals drop Hidden and Library keys. What you are looking for is the Hidden Key. The Library key is blue and opens the door to the “Death Steps”.

Step 2 – Find the Secret Door and Chest

Either way, it’s time to get Rengoku once you finally get the Hidden Key.

Enter the main hall.
Go towards the red carpet that you will see on the right.
Follow the hall until you find a rock wall on your left. To the left of the stairs and enter through the secret door.
Interact with the chest to open and retrieve the Rengoku Sword.

Rengoku Skills

Using Rengoku gives you two new abilities to help you deal more damage to enemies in Blox Fruit. But, they can only focus on one target when attacking. You can activate the following moves after obtaining Rengoku:

Burning Slashes

“Burning Slash” requires Mastery Level 350 to unlock. “Burning Slash” allows you to attack your enemies by releasing a large beam of flame that moves horizontally across the ground dealing heavy damage. The effects tend to last long after the attack, further weakening the enemy. “Burning Slash” has a cool down time of 15 seconds and can be activated by pressing the “X” button.

Demon Slayer

This move involves quickly striking the enemy through an attack. You must unlock mastery level 150 to unlock it. “Demon Slayer” is known for the high physical damage it causes to enemies. Your attacks leave a trail of orange and red colors behind them. This move has a cool down time of 10 seconds and can be activated by pressing the “Z” key. “Demon Slayer’ works well with other moves you can find in Blox Fruit.

Limitations of Rengoku’s Sword

Rengoku is a highly respected swordsman in Blox Fruit and his skills are very strong. However, there are some disadvantages of this sword. Here are some of the limitations:

Rengoku’s “Demon Slayer” skill cannot deal damage to multiple enemies. This was quite disappointing considering how tiring the journey to get Rengoku’s “Burning Slash” was quite slow. That is, the enemy can easily dodge his attacks.

How to Improve Rengoku

You can upgrade Rengoku’s sword in the world of Fruit Blox. You will have to interact with the Blacksmith NPC. He will increase Rengoku with +8% damage if you have Magma Ore, Vampire fangs and scrap metal. Go to the First Sea under the big orange house near the Pirate Village or at the pier in the Second Sea to find an NPC.

Tips and Tricks to Get Rengoku

Searching for Rengoku can be exhausting. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get legendary weapons:

You can increase your chances of getting the Hidden Key by purchasing 2x Boss drop game tickets. Awakened Ice Admiral can use Ice Spear to attack. Use Observation, Flash Step, or constantly spam Dash to avoid attacks. When fighting an Awakened Ice Admiral, he can use Glacial Surge to take you down. The most effective way to avoid this attack is to maintain a safe distance. He will always use this ability while you are in the air. Absolute Zero is the final maneuver that the Awakened Ice Admiral can use against you. This skill allows him to touch the ground and turn it into ice, freezing anyone above him. Always fly above and launch attacks from the upper chambers of the Ice Castle to avoid these attacks. Staying away from him is wise because he always uses this ability when you are in close proximity.


What can you do to block enemies when you get Rengoku?

Enemies cannot use Observation Haki with this sword. However, the effect only lasted for a moment.

Is the legendary Rengoku Sword good for close combat?

No. Rengoku’s ability is designed to attack enemies from afar. Hence, ideal for long range combat.

What limitations will you face when using the Demon Slayer?

“Demon Slayer” can only launch one enemy attack at a time.

Apart from Rengoku, what other ways can you use to get more power in Blox Fruit?

You can collect devil fruits or learn new fighting styles to grow stronger in Fruit Blox.

Imagine How It Feels To Be A Samurai!

Inspired by Hashira’s flames from the Demon Slayer anime, Rengoku’s fiery look in Blox Fruits deserves the attention of the ‘Samurai’ title. Rengoku is a worthy addition to your arsenal in Blox Fruits. If you’re looking for a way to get stronger in the game, getting Rengoku is a smart choice. As a demonic creation tempered with fire metal, it deals the second highest damage to enemies in the Blox Fruit.

Have you got Rengoku yet? Which Rengoku skill have you activated? Let us know in the comments section below.

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