How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat

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How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat

While technology has many benefits, you may want to keep your real friends at the top of your chats on Snapchat. However, the platform instead embeds My AI there. Luckily, there’s a way to get your best friend back to the top of the chat.

Read on to find out how to remove My AI from the top of your chats on Snapchat.

How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat

Snapchat recently added a new “My AI” function. Initially, it was only available to Snapchat+ subscribers, but now it’s open to everyone. This function sits at the top of your chat and answers all your questions using AI.

Unfortunately, Snapchat+ subscribers are the only ones who can remove it from their chats.

If you are not willing to pay the monthly subscription fee, you should stick with My AI for now.

However, if you’re a Snapchat+ member, here’s how to remove My AI from the top of your chats:

Open “Chat” in Snapchat.
Tap and hold on “My AI”.
Select “Chat Settings”.
Select “Remove from Chat Feed”.

And that’s all you need to do.

Here’s another way to remove My AI from your chats:

Open Snapchat and click on your Bitmoji in the top left.
Go to “Settings”.
Go to “Privacy controls”.
Select “Clear My AI Data.”

Now this chat will no longer appear at the top of your list.

What Happens if I Shot My AI?

As mentioned, unless you’re willing to splurge, you should stick with my AI. Since it’s not going anywhere, what exactly can you do with it?

My AI exists to simulate friends, so you can snap them and send photos to them. It might even respond with its own image. Apart from being locked, you can also have a conversation with it. It uses the OpenAI chatGPT to answer any questions you ask.

Can My AI Answer Questions in Other Chats?

If My AI can answer any question you want, can it do the same when chatting with friends? The answer is yes. You can ask questions in chat with your friends, but you have to mention My AI, so it knows the questions are for them.

Here’s how to mention My AI in other chats and ask questions:

Open the chat where you want to ask a question.
Type “@myai” to mention My AI.
Type in your question.

Now you can have group chats with your AI and friends.

How to Customize Your Avatar for My AI

If you’re familiar with My AI on Snapchat, you’ve probably already decided that you like the feature. So, why not customize the look?

Here’s how to make you my AI on Snapchat look like you or what you want:

Open “Avatar” to change its appearance.
Click “Save.”
Open “Clothes” to change his clothes.
Click “Save”.

Now your AI and you can use the same style.

How to Get My AI Back in Your Chats List

If you accidentally deleted My AI from chats and don’t know how to get it back, fear not. There is an easy way to return My AI to your chat list:

In the search field, enter “My AI”.
Tap to open chat.
Send message.

And voila, now you can talk to My AI for as long as you like.

Does Snapchat Save My Shared Content with My AI?

While some types of content disappear after a certain amount of time, anything you share in chats with My AI will remain until you decide to delete it.

Follow these steps to delete messages from your chats with My AI:

Tap the message and hold it.
Click “Delete.”

Can I Report My AI Messages on Snapchat?

As a Snapchat user, you probably know by now that you can report any content that seems inappropriate for a variety of reasons. Since My AI was created by Snapchat, you may be wondering what to do if you think the content is offensive?

Here’s what you need to do:

Tap the message and hold it.
Press “Report”.
Choose your reason for reporting.
Tap “Send”.

Just because something is made on Snapchat’s part doesn’t mean Snapchat doesn’t have to follow terms and conditions like everyone else.


What does My AI need my location for?

You may be fascinated by the idea of ​​being tracked all the time. However, by doing so, you will allow My AI to give you recommendations when you request them in your area. For example, you can ask My AI for the nearest pet shop. Sharing your location will allow it to answer that question for you.

Remember that being in “Ghost Mode” will not prevent My AI from seeing your location, unlike your friends.

Is My AI only available to Snapchat+ users?

Initially, this feature was only available to Snapchat+ members, but it is no longer available. However, now they are the only people who can remove My AI from the top of the chat list.

What is the role of My AI?

This feature is here to provide you with information about your area or answer any questions you may have. You can also snap them like any other friend on Snapchat and customize their appearance. It can also be joined in chats with your friends and answer any questions you ask there.

Having a friend is never hurt, even if it’s artificial

The My AI feature on Snapchat can provide answers to questions, provide recommendations in your local area, or simply appear to chat with you when no one else is available. The app also lets you customize your avatar to make it feel more like a friend. However, if you don’t like this feature, you’ll need to be a Snapchat+ member to remove it from the top of your chats.

Have you used My AI so far? Did you find this feature useful, and for what purpose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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