How to Make Your Name Yellow on Steam

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How to Make Your Name Yellow on Steam

When you launch the Steam app, you usually see your friends’ nicknames in different colors. The two primary colors are blue and green, although you may occasionally come across the names yellow or gold. You can get many other colors besides yellow.

Read on to learn more about how to make your name yellow and how to make your username different colors in game.

Make Your Nickname on Steam Look Yellow

In order for the nickname on your Steam account to appear yellow, you need to complete certain steps and download the file. The process may seem complicated, but here’s how to do it:

Get any “Steam Yellow Master” zip file you can find here.
Select the “Code” button.
In the link from the previous step and “Download Zip.”
Extract the zip file and open the “Steam Yellow Master” folder.
Download the latest version node. js and install it on your PC.
Open a Run window on your PC (Windows + R) and type “cmd” to open a command line or search and select it.
In the command prompt window, type “cd” and add a space. Drag and drop “Steam Yellow Master” onto the command line and press “Enter.”
Type “npm install” and “Enter” to install the file.
Once installed, you have to type “node[spasi] index. js[spasi][Steam username][ kata sandi]and press “Enter.” For example, “node index.js gamertag 12345” and confirm your username and password as prompted. Type Steam Guard Code if needed.

After this, you can open the Steam app to see if changes have been made and if your Steam username and limits are yellow.

How to Make Your Nickname on Steam Color

Your Steam nickname can be anything from pink to orange. These changes will appear for individual games, but you can change them for multiple games. Follow these steps to get started:

Open Steam application.
Click the drop-down menu next to your nickname in the top-right corner.
Go to “View my profile.”
Select “Edit profile”.
In the “Profile Name” text box, put a bracket “[]” in front of your nickname.
Go to Google and search for “hex colors”. A color picker option will appear with a slider where you can choose the color you want.
Copy the HEX color code. For example, for pink, the code is #d503ff. You need to copy everything except the # sign.
Return to Steam, and paste the color code in the brackets you entered earlier. It should look something like this [d503ff]Nickname without spaces.
Scroll down and click “Save.”

Yellow Name Obtained From Chinese New Year Occasion

Yellow names are one of the features Steam is giving out to players for its 2019 Lunar New Year sale. While Steam does occasionally offer name color-changing cosmetics as part of special events, they are usually for a limited time, and usually for a fee. At the time of writing, Steam did not hold a special event to change the username color.

Are There Different Ways to Change Your Nickname to Yellow?

Users on the community site claim that yellow nicknames have been available since 2017 and there is a level requirement, or yellow nicknames are reserved for starred users. Other users tell people that there is a simple way to change the nickname to yellow by adding a symbol (^) with a number as the code for a certain color.

What Do Colors Represent on Steam?

While the basic colors (blue and green) have special meanings behind them, yellow doesn’t – contrary to popular belief, the name yellow is just a cast. There is no minimum level required to get it or a badge required.

In contrast, the more common nickname colors blue and green represent a player’s activity status.

Nickname green

Green means you or people on your friends list are online. They are most likely ready to play or already in the game. If they are in the game, you will see the name of the game next to their green nickname.

Blue Nickname

Blue nickname means your friend is offline and away from computer. This color can also represent the “standby” status. However, this does not mean they are away as players can change their activity status and stay online even with a blue nickname. When Steam organizes your friends list by activity status, the blue user will be at the bottom, even if they are online.

How to Change Your Background Color?

If you want to customize your Steam profile even more, apart from having a yellow nickname, you can also change your background color. To do this you will need Steam points which can be earned for real money, or a friend can send them to you as a gift. In the latter case, rewards can be earned by interacting in the Steam community and submitting reviews.

Plus, for every dollar you spend on Steam, you get 100 points. You can find all your Steam points in your profile bank.

Here’s how to change the background color using Steam dots:

Launch the app Steam.
Go to your profile.
Click “Edit profile.”
Find “Steam points shop” on the left menu panel.
Tap the “Background” option.
Add the desired background to your Steam profile.

Apart from changing your background color in Steam, you can customize it even further and add a specific background from the Steam app. The most important thing to know here is that you can’t add your own images, from the PC, but only choose from those already on Steam.

Your profile background can be set to full screen and original size. If you really like your new background, put it full screen to display. You can adjust these settings in the profile background settings menu.

Apart from that, themes can also be set for your Steam account. They can be Midnight, Summer, and Cosmic. You can find it in the same settings menu you opened to customize the background, only this time you need to open the “Themes” option.


Can I get a yellow Nickname after the Lunar Event?

The answer is yes. You can still get a yellow nickname by following the steps mentioned at the beginning of the article. You will need the Node.js and Steam Master Yellow zip files from GitHub. The links for them are in the steps.

Can Steam money be gifted?

Yes, you can instantly send money to friends and family via the Steam wallet. All you need to do is log in, select friends and prize amount.

Make Your Steam Account Colorful

If you don’t like the standard blue and green colors for your nickname, you can change to any color you want. You can also change the background color to match your new custom Steam account.

Do you have a colorful nickname? How often do you spend money on various cosmetics on Steam? Let us know in the comments section below.

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