How to manage notifications on new Outlook app for Windows 11

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On the new Outlook app for Windows 11 (and 10), you can change the notification settings, and in this guide, you will learn how. Microsoft has a new version of the Outlook app to replace the Mail and Calendar apps (and the classic desktop version of Outlook) with a design based on the web experience, and as part of the customization settings, the email client allows you to manage various notifications settings.

For example, you can choose when the application should play sound for notifications, and you can customize which type of events the email client should show desktop notifications.

This guide will teach you the steps to change notification settings for the new Outlook app on Windows 11.

Change notification settings for new Outlook on Windows 11

To change the new Outlook app notification settings, use these steps:

  1. Open new Outlook app on Windows 11.

  2. Click on Settings (gear button from top-right).

  3. Click on General.

  4. Click the Notifications tab.

  5. Under the “In-app notifications” section, choose whether to play sound when new messages arrive and receive reminders.

    Windows 11 Outlook notifications

  6. Under the “Desktop notifications” section, turn the “Send me desktop notifications” on or off to enable or disable toast notifications from Outlook.

  7. (Optional) Check the “Send me notifications when Outlook is not running” option to receive notifications even if the email client is not opened.

  8. (Optional) Check the “For messages” option and choose whether to receive notifications from messages in the inbox or favorite people.

  9. (Optional) Check the “For events” option and choose the type of alert, including “Desktop notification” or “Reminder popup.”

Once you complete the steps, the Outlook app will apply the new notification settings to use on Windows 11.

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