How to prevent Search from opening on hover on Windows 11

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On Windows 11 23H2, you can prevent the search home from opening as you hover over the button in the Taskbar, and in this guide, you will learn how.

As part of the Taskbar changes, the new version of the operating system can open the search box when hovering over the button. However, even though this change can make it easier to access the experience, it can also cause you to open the interface by accident. If you don’t want this feature, it’s possible to turn it off from the Taskbar settings, where you can also hide the box if you prefer to start a search from the Start menu.

This guide will teach you the steps to disable the search box from opening on hover on Windows 11 23H2.

Stop opening Search on hover on Windows 11

To disable the search home from opening on hover from the Taskbar, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings on Windows 11.

  2. Click on Personalization.

  3. Click the Taskbar tab.

  4. Turn off the “Open search on hover (when available)” toggle switch.

    Search open on hover disabled

  5. (Optional) Choose the search button style from the “Search” settings, including “Hide,” “Search icon only,” “Search icon and label,” or “Search box.”

Once you complete the steps, the search home should not automatically open as you move the mouse pointer over the button in the Taskbar.

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