How to Reduce Noise on TV

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When you watch a low-quality video on a high-resolution TV, the TV will try to increase the resolution of the video to maintain the picture quality. However, upscaling will make the picture look pixelated and you may find unwanted noise artifacts on your TV.

If you’re looking for ways to minimize the noise, I’ve got you covered.

Before You Begin

First of all, it’s a good idea to change the TV channel you are watching and see if other channels have the same problem. If the problem is limited to one channel, there may be a problem on the part of the service provider. There’s nothing you can do but just wait.

If you experience similar issues on all channels, you can make a few adjustments to your TV to minimize noise.

Enable Noise Reduction on your TV

Modern TVs integrate a special noise reduction function that reduces unwanted noise in the video signal using a special recursive algorithm.

Despite the similar purpose, the noise reduction function can have different names depending on the TV manufacturer. For example, you might see Digital Clean View or Noise Reduction on TV Samsung, meanwhile MPEG Noise Reduction on most other TVs.

Here I have tried to put together the steps to enable the noise reduction function for most TV manufacturers.

On Samsung TVs

Open Arrangement from your Samsung TV home screen. Choose Picture and open Expert Settings from right. get down to Digital CleanView. Change to highest. Next, open it Picture Clarity Settings. Note that some models may have AutoMotion Plus settings As a replacement. While doing so, Activate Noise Reduction.

On Vizio TVs

Open Arrangement on your Vizio TV and open it Picture Settings. Tap Other. Choose Advanced Image. Open Noise Reduction and make Tall. Also, customize settings MPEG NR and check if the picture quality improves on your TV.


Open All Settings on your LG TV. While you’re at Picture settingstap this option. Choose Image Options. Set MPEG Noise Reduction to Tall.

On Sony TVs

Open Sony TV Arrangement. Select settings Display & Sound. Tap Picture. Choose Advanced settings. get down to Clarity and enable Digital Noise Reduction.

On Android TV

Open Arrangement on your Android TV. Choose Device Preferences. Then choose Picture. get down to Advanced settings. Tap Noise Reduction or MPEG NRwhichever is available. Set to Tall.

Contact your Cable Operator

Enabling the noise reduction feature on your TV often helps reduce unwanted noise artifacts on your TV. However, this may not always work.

There may also be cases when you actually experience signal reception issues, perhaps due to bad weather, incorrect antenna positioning, or even a technical issue on the part of the cable operator.

You can quickly verify if you are having signal reception problems by viewing the signal information on your TV.

The steps for checking signal information may vary slightly depending on your TV manufacturer. However, you can check it from System Information or Signal Information in your TV settings.

Open Arrangement on your TV. get down to Support and choose Device Care. Tap Self Diagnosis. Open Information Signal. Check SNR.

If the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) value is above 20, you can ensure that you are receiving the correct signal from your cable operator. Otherwise, it is best to contact your service provider and ask them to solve the problem.


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